It’s my party, I can cry if I want to.

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Except I won’t. Because there’s no party. Yet.

No, scratch that. The party’s started way before today. It’s those little every day moments that made me laugh, smile, feel kilig in a number of different ways. When you put them all together, they make for a pretty fantastic party. (I’m really just saying this because I feel like I’m too old for an actual one and would rather spend my birthday here at home, writing something.)

So–first things first: I’ve drawn a winner for my birthday giveaway, and it’s . . .


Congratulations, Nicole! I’ll be in touch with you soon so you can claim your prizes! ^_^ WOOHOO!

So yes, February’s been awesome so far, what with all the #romanceclass happenings as of late. Like that time we went to watch PETA’s 3 Stars and a Sun:

We bought 18 balcony center tickets to see Gio Gahol play Chino in PETA’s newest production featuring Francis Magalona’s songs. I’d write a review of the musical, but I need to see it again. And again. Maybe I’ll get to that review by mid-March. Yep, it usually takes me that long to process All My Feelings. But please, for the love of all things beautiful–go see the show. Here’s a list of shows and showbuyers you can contact to get tickets. They run until March 6 ONLY!

This is us, post-show, post-feels. With Gio, who was amazing in his role, and who sorta-kinda appealed his case about not being evil in real life. LOL. Oh we know.

Kagulo na.

Okay, here’s a pretty decent picture. We hung around the PETA lobby for a bit more so we could take pictures with some of the cast members. This is me with Nar Cabico, who was utterly wonderful as Poy. And this one is a photo with Nicco Manalo who blew me away with his amazing performance as Sol.

And of course we had to have a post-mortem sesh after, so we headed to Robinson’s Magnolia for dinner and whatnot. We totally forgot to take pictures then, but you can take my word for it when I say we had fun. 😛

A week after we’d been served such strong nationalistic feels thanks to PETA, we were the ones serving the feels–at KOMIKET 2016!

Our little promotional thing, care of yours truly. It’s our first time to participate in KOMIKET, which is actually an event geared toward comic book readers. I know, I know. What would romance writers be doing there, right?

Well . . . we sold feels.

Lots of them.

And this was us, authors and readers alike. Clockwise from top left: Ines Bautista-Yao, Mina V. Esguerra, Anne Plaza, ME!, Carla de Guzman, and Krissy Cruz.

With special guest (no, not really–he’s the rockstar in there), Manix Abrera! Please excuse my stupid fase. >_<;; I was fangirling.

Contrary to what I expected, we actually did well in sales yesterday, so YAY! <3 Thank you to everyone who stopped by, picked up our books–to scan, to browse, to buy–and just basically made yesterday and pretty nice day for a #romanceclass experiment. We’ve learned a lot of things, and you definitely have not seen the last of us. *insert maniacal laugh here*

And so I have to get back to my steaming bowl of sinigang (What? Who eats sinigang on their birthday? Me, of course. It’s one of my favorite dishes!) before I take up my Wattpad WIP again. Yes, this is how I celebrated my birthday this year, but it’s far from over, what with all the little gifts I’m blessed with every single day.

And if you’re one of those generous souls who gave me a present, one way or another, thank you. Thank you so much. <3

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