#StrangeLit Giveaway: Day 2 [ CLOSED ]


Here’s the second wave of my #StrangeLit giveaway, and it’s really really easy to join. Check it out:

In The “Forget You” Brew, a drink called Afforgeto Coffee gets served to one of the characters. On the Kaipuhan Kafe menu, the drink is described as A scoop of vanilla-flavored nostalgia drowned with a shot of coffee liqueur. For those who long to forget.


Click on the image for the original tweet found on @tarafrejas. To join, simply RETWEET the original tweet with your answer to the question and that’s it! You’re qualified for an entry! Easy, right?

Here’s what’s up for grabs this time around:

Giveaway Prize #2: Mini notebook, two bunny paperclips, one bunny post-it, one pad of sticker stamps, and a Paper Planes Back Home bookmark with a code to download the eBook on Buqo for free! ^_^

The #KillerSeasons bundle is currently selling on Buqo for only P90/$0.99! Take a chance on ten new paranormal/urban fantasy stories by indie Filipino authors. Click here to buy a copy.

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#StrangeLit Giveaway: Day 1 [ CLOSED ]


Right on the heels of the #StrangeLit bundle release was the announcement of the launch event which will happen at Recession Coffee, Eastwood on October 24, from 2:00-4:00 PM. Now that should’ve made me really excited because it’s going to be the first time I’ll be attending a launch for something I wrote, but it’s my high school kabarkada‘s wedding on that day as well, and I CANNOT miss that or she’ll have my head on a platter.

So because I can’t really have fun giving away stuff on that day, I’ve decided to do my giveaways before the launch instead. If you’d like to join these giveaways, all you need to do are the following:

  1. Buy the #KillerSeasons bundle on Buqo. (It’s just P90 right now, P250 in a few weeks, so take advantage of the introductory price!)
  2. Read my novella, The “Forget You” Brew.
  3. Follow me on Twitter (@tarafrejas) and like my Facebook page (/taratriestowrite)
  4. Stay tuned for GIVEAWAY ALERTS, like this one below:


Do you know the answer to this question? Hurry and DM the answer to me @tarafrejas (and remember NOT to tweet the answer). I will be accepting entries until midnight tomorrow, October 6.

Two winners will receive the following:

Giveaway Prize #1: A mini notebook, a bunny paperclip/bookmark, two kinds of bunny post-its, and a Paper Planes Back Home bookmark with a code to download the eBook on Buqo for free! ^_^

Hope you guys join! <3

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