#JustWritePH: Do it #ForTheFeels

Early this year, I have slowly immersed myself in the Filipino writing community, thanks to the publishing and writing classes I’ve attended (#SparkNA and #StrangeLit, waddup!?), and it always amazes me to see new work coming out every couple of months. I feel like I’ve been saying this over and over since I started this blog, but I’ll say it again just the same because it’s true: This is a very exciting time for Filipino authors, published or yet to be. Just this summer, Buqo released the BuqoYA bundles and I eagerly joined a book blog tour for the first time in my life, my little way of helping create noise for the featured fictional pieces. I had a lot of fun with that, and learned a lot of things too.

Very recently, a workshop called #JustWritePH challenged participants to write a story and prepare it for publication. It ran from July 1st to August 8th, giving the participants a little under six weeks to finish their manuscripts! The result: a total of twenty new Filipino-authored stories grouped into five different bundles now available via the Buqo app for only $0.99/P45! Isn’t that just amazeballs?

Here’s a quick peek at the first bundle called For the Feels. Story excerpts, blurbs, and author information are available under the cut.

The feels come in all shapes and sizes, with a million different unique stories for every kind. Experience bitter feels, forbidden feels, pretend feels and young feels in this four-story bundle that’s sure to tug at your heartstrings. Features “13th Prayer” by Lee Miyaki, “Never the Princess” by Maria Criselda Santos, “My Ampalaya Story” by iamloid, and “A Bump in Athena’s Life” by Kristine Cuevas. [ CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BUNDLE. ]
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There’s definitely #MoreLoveInPH!

I love being part of this writing community. Something special happens all the time, and I am learning a lot from them.

First, there was the publishing seminar in January that started it all. Then there was #SparkNA. In the middle now of preparing for #StrangeLit (another writing workshop coming in August), #MoreLoveInPH happened. To be really honest, I was so confused at first as to what this event is and would be like. I thought it was a gathering for Filipino romance writers–no, let me rephrase that–a traditional, face-to-face gathering for Filipino romance writers, but it turned out to be a virtual gathering. On Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being a Negative Nancy here. In fact, I’m writing about this because I really liked the experience, and hope there’d be more of it soon.

#MoreLoveInPH was described as an online party, and it couldn’t have been more accurate. Sure, it wasn’t the traditional party we all know, but why do we hold parties anyway? We hold and attend parties to celebrate something, and this party was, in my opinion, a celebration of Filipino authors finding a niche and working ardently to cultivate it.

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