Gio Gahol reads Play It By Ear

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I celebrated Play It By Ear‘s first book birthday on May 15th, and I asked #romanceclass Class President, theatre actor, Gio Gahol to read a scene from the book, more specifically, something from Episode Twenty-One: The Show Must Go On.

This was super short notice. I’d been thinking and thinking and thinking of what I could do to make Yihwan’s first book birthday special (apart from giving away free copies of the book, which I did), and I realized I don’t have a reading of Yihwan and Yoojung just yet. The last time Gio read Yihwan, it was for Summer Crush…and that didn’t have a happy ending for him. See below video for reference.

So yeah, of course I wanted a reading where Yihwan actually gets the girl this time, so I contacted Gio with the idea and he said yes! <3 I sent him the excerpt and a few days later, I got this:

Heehee. Sidenote: Kinilig ako hearing Gio pronounce “Mianhaeyo” correctly. (In the book, it was actually just “Mianhae,” but that’s fine. Everything’s fine. We goooood.)

Now excuse me while I rewatch this for the nth time. <3


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