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#RomanceClass Made My Wish Come True!

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I distinctly remember that afternoon in June when Ana Tejano mentioned planning for a #romanceclass Christmas anthology. Without even asking for any other details, I said I’m all for it, let’s do it, go!

We didn’t know yet then that we were going to have a SURPRISE!event at Trinoma the next month, or a booth (A BOOTH!) and an event (AN EVENT!) at the Manila International Book Fair in September. And we certainly weren’t even seriously planning October’s #FeelsFest yet back then. All those three events kind of threw us authors for a loop, and before we knew it, Christmas anthology deadlines were only two weeks away! (HAHAHA. HA. HA.)

But hey, what do you know? We actually made it. <3 And boy, did it feel awesome!

Here are some photos from last week’s Make My Wish Come True launch:

Many, many thanks to those of you who bought the digital or the paperback editions of the very first #romanceclass Christmas anthology. We really were only thinking of ordering about 50 pieces, but we ended up having 130 units printed–and even that wasn’t enough! People were still looking for copies! To say we’re overwhelmed by your love and support is a gross understatement. Thank you, always, for the love and support you give our writing community. <3 We are very grateful.

CLICK HERE to buy Make My Wish Come True: a #romanceclass Christmas anthology on Gumroad for $4.99! There are 17 stories in total–we’re pretty sure you’ll find a story (or twelve) that’ll warm your heart this holiday season.

Happy holidays! <3

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