Playing Favorites: The music edition (Part One)

As someone who thrives on listening to songs, it’s pretty difficult for me to pinpoint only one (or a few) favorites. So to make this prompt easier for myself, I’ve decided to pick favorites from certain genres or artists every once in a while. And since I’ve had a very theatrical weekend, let me share ten of my favorite songs from theater productions here and abroad.

Also, let me tell you that I’ve tried my best not to pick two songs from the same production, even if I could easily name almost every song in certain musical OSTs as favorites. I’m obsessive, okay? Bear with me.

1. I’ll Cover You (Rent)

I think they meant it when they said you can’t buy love,
Now I know you can rent it, a new lease you are, my love, on life

Rent is a Jonathan Larson penned musical that tells the story of a group of friends (who are also struggling artists) who live under the shadow of HIV/AIDS. It was first staged in 1994, and a motion picture version was released in 2005. I have never seen the musical even as it had been staged here in 2011, but I have almost the entire (film) OST committed to memory because I <3 it so damn much. I’ll Cover You is a love theme between two characters–Angel and Collins, seen above–and I don’t even have some huge explanation why I love this song so much. I just do. I mean, just listen to it.

Okay, let me also add that this song may sound really cute and peachy, but it has one of the saddest fucking reprises ever. Ever.

Other favorite songs in this musical: Seasons of Love, One Song Glory, Life Support, Will I? (basically the entire thing)

2. Lakambini (Rock Supremo)

Another musical I’ve never seen, Rock Supremo is a Ballet Philippines production, a modern retelling of Andres Bonifacio’s life as he experiences love. The first time I heard Lakambini was last year, during the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Musikal, a celebration of Filipino theater productions, and I fell in love with it just like that. Fact: Ebe Dancel’s songwriting is genius.

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RAKINANGINA! (Or, why I can’t stop blurting out expletives while watching Rak of Aegis)

Cards on the table, first of all: I first saw Rak of Aegis in February last year, and again in March. I was so enamored by the entire production I couldn’t stop singing Aegis songs for weeks, and the withdrawal caused me to create an unofficial fanpage for the production . . . because I needed an outlet for my overflowing love, obviously.

At about the same time, I, together with my friend and co-fanpage moderator, Rica, began forging friendships with the cast members. They were very happy to see the effort we put on the fanpage, and were very appreciative of it. We couldn’t be happier, and would constantly get bouts of kilig over getting likes and favorites all over Facebook and Twitter.

Come June of last year, we went to the fictional barangay Villa Venizia again and were wowed by how much the musical had improved. The storyline was tighter, running time shorter, and even if I’ve already seen it twice before, there’s still that magic I felt when I saw it for the first time. Or the second time.

Before 2014 came to a close, I was able to see the production for six times already, and even then, the cast and crew of the hottest musical of the year were still giving us something new. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving, and by god, I took everything I could. I got intoxicated with everything Rak of Aegis had to offer, and my hangover was so immense it lasted me six months more until the production opened again this June.

(Further review of the musical under the cut. THERE ARE SPOILERS, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)

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He Wins, He Loses

It is a well-known fact that Greyson Jacobs, now co-captain of Kensington High’s basketball team, is an awfully competitive son of a bitch.

Case in point: this doughnut-eating contest he’s hell-bent on winning.

It started as a joke between friends. Greyson didn’t have any business joining contests like this, not when he should be busier thinking about the upcoming game against long-time rival Irving High. “But it’s for a good cause, Greyson!” Samantha Larsen, 1/4 of their motley crew, insisted, leaning over their makeshift booth to hand her friend a pen. “Sign up!”

Greyson’s eyes remained fixed on the flyer Sam shoved into his hand a few minutes ago. Sign up for a Doughnut-Eating Contest! For the benefit of Kensington High’s Volleybelles. “Let me get this straight,” he said, raising an eyebrow. “I pay you five dollars so I could humiliate myself in front of the entire student body?”

The smile on Sam’s face turned into a thin, stern line. Leaning over again, she snatched the flyer from Greyson’s hand, effectively giving him a paper cut. He howled and threw Sam a glare, which she graciously returned.

“Beat it if you’re not going to be of any help.”

“What are you raising funds for, anyway?”

She rolled her eyes. “Sometimes I don’t understand how we’re friends, Greyson. How many times have I told y–”

“Oh, a doughnut-eating contest! Awesome!”

Greyson felt an arm drape over his shoulder a second later. He didn’t need to turn his head to know who just arrived. “Greyson, you signing up?” It’s Ashton, his best friend and team mate, also part of their small clique. “Hi Sam,” he continued, nodding at the blonde whose mood seemed to have soured.

“Hey, Ash.”

While Greyson distracted himself with something else at another booth, Ashton reached for the pen in Sam’s hand and, without another word, signed on the participant form. He dug his pockets for a couple of bucks after that, handed them over to Sam, and went after his best friend, dragging him away to the food stalls.

“Ash! Ashton!” Sam called out. He’d given her ten dollars by mistake.

But Ashton only looked over his shoulder and winked at her. Sam shook her head and decided to give the extra cash back after dismissal, but when she glanced at the sign-up form, she realized he didn’t make a mistake at all.

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Backtracking a bit: My #SparkNA journey

It’s been almost a month since the #SparkNA writing workshop came to a close, and I never really got around to writing about the experience–or I did, but in increments over the past few months–because 1) things got crazy at work, and; 2) I think I’m still in denial that it had already ended.

During our second and last face-to-face class on the 6th of June, our mentor, Mina, asked us to answer three questions: What went right? What went wrong? And: What’s next?

It’s funny how most of our responses were very similar; I guess it’s true what they say about birds of the same feather, haha. Anyway, I think this whole experience merits another round of . . .

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Day One Hundred

On-File: “*We Got Married” Interview Reel
Im Jinah
Week Twelve

“It’s almost your 100th day together,” the PD says off-camera. “Are you planning something special for your husband?”

The smile on Nana’s face is wide. She is ready to answer this question. “Yes.”

“Tell us about it.”

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