There’s definitely #MoreLoveInPH!

I love being part of this writing community. Something special happens all the time, and I am learning a lot from them.

First, there was the publishing seminar in January that started it all. Then there was #SparkNA. In the middle now of preparing for #StrangeLit (another writing workshop coming in August), #MoreLoveInPH happened. To be really honest, I was so confused at first as to what this event is and would be like. I thought it was a gathering for Filipino romance writers–no, let me rephrase that–a traditional, face-to-face gathering for Filipino romance writers, but it turned out to be a virtual gathering. On Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being a Negative Nancy here. In fact, I’m writing about this because I really liked the experience, and hope there’d be more of it soon.

#MoreLoveInPH was described as an online party, and it couldn’t have been more accurate. Sure, it wasn’t the traditional party we all know, but why do we hold parties anyway? We hold and attend parties to celebrate something, and this party was, in my opinion, a celebration of Filipino authors finding a niche and working ardently to cultivate it.

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Work & Play: Sleepless nights are made of these . . .

It’s finally happened: Work has officially slain my writing mojo. That doesn’t mean I can’t CPR the shit out of it, though. I’m just so tired to think of anything, even if I’m pressured to come up with a plot for my next class this coming August. Sigh.


My first block screening event is finally over! There’s a lot to say about putting up this thing, but the place for that is on post-event reports and production meetings, so I’ll leave them there. What I can say, however, is that it was quite the experience. The last time I’ve been on my toes for about the same amount of time was when we produced the Koala’s March Grand Family Day event at SM Mall of Asia . . . and that was in November! It’s just too bad I didn’t lose weight over all the running I did, heh.

Also, I wish I could spazz over Jurassic World properly, but I only kind of saw 50% of the movie since I had to go in and out of the cinema to take care of business. I could tell you, however, that Chris Pratt was hot and I was just swooning inside every time his Henley-wearing ass was on-screen. <3 I also kind of freaked out a couple of times over some scenes involving the Indominus Rex, and thought the special effects were pretty darn neat.

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Movie date this Saturday? ^_^

VertPoster If I’ve been very busy these past few weeks, it’s because of this baby right here–a first attempt (for me and my MA, Liezel) to organize a block screening event under the company I work for, Modworld Production Management, Inc. The event is finally happening this Saturday, and I’m equal parts thrilled and terrified, just like I was when we staged the Koala’s March Grand Family Day in November of last year. Compared to that event, of course, this one is of a smaller scale, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t as challenging.

So yes–have you bought tickets from me yet? ^_^ If you haven’t, I sincerely wish you would. Ha. Ha. <3

No, but seriously, if you have nothing to do on a Saturday night–that’s this Saturday, June 13th (8:00 PM)–come join us for this Jurassic World block screening event. Early birds get freebies from our sponsors~ and maybe even game and raffle prizes if you’re the type to be lucky. You can visit the Modworld website for tickets, or you can contact me directly at ^_^

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끝. Wakas. The End.

I am a writer who dislikes writing endings.

Which is kind of weird, right? As a writer, I should feel happy about getting to the end of my story. It’s an achievement, something to be celebrated, even in the simplest of ways. And yet, during the past few years I’ve realized a trend when I’m about to close a work of fiction: I stall.

Two or three chapters away from my ending, I stop looking at my manuscript altogether. I read or reread books, think of new stories to write, watch dramas or films . . .  I do anything to keep myself from writing those last few chapters, and all because I’ve gotten attached to my characters and don’t want to let them go yet.

It’s probably not a good thing, what I do, but hey . . . I’m pretty sure we all have our own quirks. I almost did the same routine with my #SparkNA novella, but I had a deadline to beat this time, and maybe that’s one of the reasons why I joined this class in the first place: to learn to discipline myself as a writer.

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