Movie lovers unite!

The Modworld Popcorn Club is inviting all movie enthusiasts to be part of our series of block screening events from June to August 2015! We are now selling tickets to Jurassic World in 3D (June 13), Minions in 3D (July 11), and Fantastic Four in 3D (August 8) with special early bird rates. To buy, simply click on THIS LINK and fill out the form on the page. Further instructions will be given to you via email.

Are you an interested block buyer or sponsor? You may contact our lovely Miss Liezel Bunao at 950 4782 / 0916 850 0007 or send her an email at Or you may send me an email a

The Early Bird Promo has been EXTENDED to May 31st! Hurry and buy your tickets now! ^_^

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Find your fairytales

#buqoYA Bundle 3: Finding Fairytales | We all want the happy ending, the dream come true. But what if it doesn’t happen? How far would you go to get that “ever after?” Would you change who you are? Would you swallow your pride? Is the story really going to be as perfect as you think? Follow the path of these characters and see where they lead. BUY THE BUNDLE HERE.

It’s review time once again~ and this time, I’m doing two stories from the third #buqoYA bundle called Finding Fairytales. Admittedly, I haven’t read all of the stories in this bundle yet (because work hinders everything fun in life, yes?) but I hopefully have read enough to be able to do justice to Fall for Grace by Anne Plaza and Love in the Time of Viral Videos by R. Linea.

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Ikaw, paano ka naging Leading Lady?

Saturday night proved to be a fun night for my sister and I, along with some friends from high school and my previous job, as we all trooped to PETA Theater to be part of Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady‘s opening weekend. Since we have been re-introduced to the world of original Filipino musicals by way of Maxie: The Musicale in 2013, we have always looked forward to new productions and tried our very best to set some time and money aside for a dose (or twelve) of theater culture. For this year, this is the second original Filipino musical I’ve seen, the first being Ballet Philippines’ Manhid: The Pinoy Superhero Musical, which was staged at the CCP Main Theatre from February to March.

And now we have been treated to a second superhero musical, and oh, how I loved it. 

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What I really (really) want

And so we’ve come down to this: a month left to go before everyone in our #SparkNA class has to turn in our finished manuscripts for Anvil Publishing to review. Today, we all received a pep talk in the form of an email and while I usually read and re-read Mina’s emails to us several times within the day before moving on with my life, I didn’t do that today. Why?

Because she posed such a loaded question that my mind just exploded. And I had to pick up the pieces all day long.

Yes, while struggling with a bunch of other stuff at work. Thanks a lot, Mina.

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Once upon a time, I was a semi-active fanfiction writer in the DBSK fandom (I say semi-active because I put out work every two years or so — I’m very slow!) and five years ago, one of my friends from soomp! invited me for an interview.

It made me giggle to find it again. ^_^v

(P.S. This is really old, so the information posted here is already outdated. FYI. If you wanna reach me, you can send me an email via

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