{ Short & Tweet } Episode Three

Short & Tweet

Because it’s been two weeks since the #StrangeLit bundles were released, and I have been getting nakakakilig comments about The “Forget You” Brew (which really make my very busy days more bearable), let me share with you some of my favorites.

^ Squeeeeee! <3 Krissy even mentions the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind while tweet-reviewing my novella, and while I haven’t yet seen it (I’m so sorry I have this . . . thing), being put in the same category as a film most of my friends like/love is a lovely compliment. Thank you, my dear.

^ Uhuhu. I’m #SorryNotSorry.

^ You should get one, and we can be bunny owners together. 😛 Bunnies are love, even if they poop like three hundred times a day.

^ If dead bunnies aren’t motivation enough for you to write, OMG what kind of heart do you have!?!?

And finally, the tweet that launched a deluge of Very Distracting Tweets. On a Monday, mind you, when people should be working.

And thanks to that tsunami, as Anne had labeled it, I now have a The “Forget You” Brew prequel of 2,703 words and counting. Here’s a very short excerpt of the draft I tentatively titled Notes From Nowheretown. Don’t ask me where I’m going with it, I just had to write it.



I gotta go to bed before I start doing things again. >_< But really, thank you, everyone for taking time to read my novella~ I feel a bit better reading these tweets at least, because I’ll be missing the launch and I know I’ll just be sore over it for a long while.

You guys are the best. Bless. ^_^

The “Forget You” Brew is still available as part of the #KillerSeasons bundle on Buqo. You may purchase it HERE. For story previews, visit our Killer Seasons Facebook page.

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