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This is the final week of the #StrangeLit blog tours, and my final stop features an interview with Kristel Ann Cruz, author of A Sky of Wishes, which is included in the #IncredibleTruths bundle.

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A Sky of Wishes

A world governed by logic and rules does not have time for childhood fantasies like wishing stars, or so we thought. After Stella gets diagnosed with a terminal illness, Aries turned to the sky and pleaded for his mother to be healed. Imagine his surprise when a Star manifests itself to him, willing to give him anything he wishes for. There is only one rule: Everything comes with a price. With his mother’s life on the line, how far could he go? In a battle between fates and wishes, what would Aries be willing to give up?

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Please introduce yourself in the most #StrangeLit sort of way. (In other words, tell us about a Krissy that could probably a character from an urban fantasy/paranormal book.)

Krissy is painfully shy and awfully awkward but she manages to shed this persona in exchange for a more outgoing one whenever she needs to, which is always, owing to the fact she works in Public Relations. She bleeds glitter but she believes that sometimes, all the magic you need can be found in a single tube of lipstick or the powerful clackety-clack of heels on the pavement.

(Tara’s Note: Yeaaaap, that’s so you, Krissy! ^_^ Very cute!)

What compelled you to join the #StrangeLit workshop and how did you find the whole process?

I got introduced to the wonderful world of reading through fairy tales, and fantasy has always been my favorite genre. When I got wind of the #StrangeLit news, I wanted to join but I was second-guessing myself because I didn’t finish #SparkNA (which is about another genre altogether, but still). About two days before the signup deadline, the line “May your wishes be wise” came to me while I was in the shower so I made sure to repeat it in my head over and over so I won’t forget and typed it in my Notes app in my phone immediately after leaving the bathroom, water dripping and all.

Oh my god it was tough! I procrastinated when I was writing for #BuqoYA and finished writing my story after staying up until 3AM for four days (they were work days, mind you!) and thought I could do the same here but I seriously underestimated my body’s need for sleep. Add to that the fact that Lipton stopped production of my favorite milk tea (that let me stay up until very late). I really found it difficult, and so I couldn’t be prouder of myself that I finished writing it.

Tell us about your story, A Sky of Wishes. What was your inspiration for this story?

Stars. I love looking up at a night sky and marveling at the moon and stars. Neil Gaiman’s Stardust and the line “And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing” from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince also came to mind.

The character Astra was like a star version of Genie in Disney’s Aladdin in terms of the wishes that can and cannot be granted. The interesting thing is that Astra asked for something really huge in exchange for Aries’ wish. If you were Astra and you were to grant wishes, what sorts of things would you ask for in return?

I can be too giving, to a fault. So if I were Astra I don’t think I would ask for nor demand too much. Like, in exchange for their wish maybe they can give me the broken pots, door knobs, or other thingamajigs they don’t use anymore? LOL.

Finally, what can we expect from you next? Are you planning to write more paranormal/urban fantasy stories, or is there something else on your list?

If time and discipline allow, I would certainly want to write more stories in the same universe. In the story I mentioned about how the stars have granted other people’s wishes, people like Rapunzel, the Evil Queen, and the girl whose daughter Rumpelstiltskin tried to get, among others. I wish I can make my version of their stories, too, incorporating Astra and his crew of malevolent wish-granters.

Thank you for your time, Krissy~ I know you’re super busy and all. I hope we can do something more in-depth next time, haha!  Looking forward to whatever you come up with next!

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It boggles the mind how someone so shy and awkward found herself in Public Relations, but somehow Krissy makes it work. If she were a fictional character, she’d be a female Ted Mosby. Whether it be prose, poetry, a watercolor painting, or a craft project, she is happiest when she makes. Talk about books, movies, and lipsticks with her on

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