Sweet dreams are made of these.


Fact: I have the most awesome friends. No, seriously. I may not be very well off (there’s a running joke in our office right now how we belong to borderline SEC D before payday, and it’s kind of true) but I have friends who are always there to y’know, make me look forward to every day, like my #ClingyGirls. ^_^

Last week, my friend Chi came to my house and delivered a bundle of these–my first-ever digitally published eBook, Paper Planes Back Home–IN PRINT! Of course she’d already told me that she was going to give me these as a gift, but I was still surprised when she arrived and gave these to me. I WAS SHAKING! It was such a surreal feeling to actually hold the book in my hands, like . . . WOAH, is this really happening?

It was. It did happen. And right now I still have several pieces of them wrapped in the paper they came in because I’m too scared to touch and ruin them. (They’re only waiting for their new owners, actually. Yay!) I took a photo and posted it on Facebook and lo and behold, I got about twenty different people asking me where/how they can buy my book!

Now I really have been planning to have my book printed, but only for the consumption of friends and family who would like a copy. I never really thought a lot of them would show interest, which makes me really excited for the months to come. <3

Thank you, my dear Chi, for spoiling me so much. <3 You are awesome. Labyu.

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  1. I credit myself for opening the floodgates! I’ve been so proud lately passing your book around to a couple of people in the office, and having them tell me how much they loved it. All the feelings, unni. ALL THE FEELINGS. ❤

    Labyu too poreber and eber!

  2. Hi Ms. Tara, how do I order a print copy of the book? I signed up for the blog tour as well but I want a print copy 🙂 Thank you – Irene

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