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Yep, I did play it by ear this time.

April 15, 2019

So let me start this blog post with a tweet down memory lane: I started writing something new on my phone at 3am because I couldn't yet fall asleep for some reason. Haha, so I guess now #amwritingPIBE šŸ˜… — t a r a šŸ° #ProjectDatu in Progress (@tarafrejas) April 16, 2018 You read that right, folks. It’s been (almost!!!)…

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Character Chats: GabeXFi + EG Project Edition

April 16, 2017

Three days ago, I discovered Yazzy, a phone application that can generate different kinds of social media content from information you input. Using the app, you can easily create fake text or chat logs as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts–soĀ naturally, I had to make some for my characters… and I hadĀ so much fun. Here’s a collection of the…

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Book Aesthetics | Scandalized

March 20, 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything like this, and really, following my personal publishing schedule, I should have done this forĀ Waiting in the Wings.Ā But these babies have been sitting in my graphics folder for a while now, and there’s no better time to post them here than now, since I’m releasing a new book (an anthology, to be…

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