Movie date this Saturday? ^_^


If I’ve been very busy these past few weeks, it’s because of this baby right here–a first attempt (for me and my MA, Liezel) to organize a block screening event under the company I work for, Modworld Production Management, Inc. The event is finally happening this Saturday, and I’m equal parts thrilled and terrified, just like …

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끝. Wakas. The End.

Personal Writing

I am a writer who dislikes writing endings. Which is kind of weird, right? As a writer, I should feel happy about getting to the end of my story. It’s an achievement, something to be celebrated, even in the simplest of ways. And yet, during the past few years I’ve realized a trend when I’m …

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Open letters


Dear C, I’ve been thinking of writing you a letter since that day in April when we learned of the new journey you chose to take. Obviously, work and other things got in the way, so I guess this will suffice. I was shocked by the decision you made. Shocked, but not disturbed. Shocked in …

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