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Love Songs: Waiting in the Wings

love songs: waiting in the wings
June 23, 2017

I love love songs. I mean, I love songs in general, but I’m a sucker for passionate well-written love songs, and I believe we have plenty of that in OPM (Original Pilipino Music). Including some of my favorites in Waiting in the Wings was such a fun thing to do, but also a little daunting, only because I couldn’t really quote the lyrics…

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Ebe Dancel | Hanggang Wala Nang Bukas

September 16, 2015

Praying with all my might that Heneral Luna will still be in theaters later this afternoon because I’m finally on leave and can watch it in all its majestic glory. Ebe Dancel, you slay me. Always.

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The Company | Tanging Pag-Asa Ko

July 23, 2015

Tanging Pag-Asa Ko is one of the entries to this year’s PhilPop competition culminating on Saturday, July 25. I have yet to listen to all the finalists, but I’m posting this because 1) my friend OJ is singing awesomely in it (Happy birthday, by the way!), and; 2) I feel like it’s something I’d listen to while struggling over something,…

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