The #StrangeLit Struggle


I don’t understand what’s going on. Around forty-eight days ago, I was so pumped about this #StrangeLit plunny, I even felt the urge to flood Rix’s Twitter DM because of it.

But now, two weeks into the class and I still have a blank manuscript.

Sure, I got distracted by a little #TalesFromTheMetro, but that shouldn’t have kicked my plunny away. I have been plotting and outlining all this time and I’m still not getting anywhere. This is one of those times I wish my muse/s would come hug me and leave me inspired enough to sprint through 5,000 words or more.

I’ll even take my muse hugging AND stabbing me right after, if that’s the only way to get me to bleed sentences on my manuscript.

Can I please take a sabbatical from work?

Ah, well. Let’s see what I can come up with these next two weeks. Aja, fighting!

Curious about what the #StrangeLit peeps are talking about? We’re being all noisy (sometimes whiny) on Twitter!

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