A little more than peeved

Don’t you just love positivity? Don’t you just appreciate waking up every morning to a loving family, having meal/s with them, going to work and meet awesome, hardworking people (with whom you get stressed over job-related things with), and then coming back home to a nice warm bed, maybe curling up to read a book or watch something you like? Wouldn’t it be nice if life were this hassle-free all the time, or most of the time at least?

Yeah. It would be really nice, but you know what? We can’t all be that lucky.

(A lot of ranting after the jump, so if you’re not in the mood to get annoyed or feel bad today, I suggest you don’t click it. This is just for me to release all the rage building up inside my chest over the past several weeks. Again, don’t click if you don’t feel like getting negative energy on you. Deal?)

Let’s start with the daily commute, because oh my god, it just gets worse every day.

So here’s the thing: I usually ride cabs to work, like 90% of the time. I bring my laptop with me all the time and I’m a bit scared riding public transportation when carrying it with me, so I take cabs. I have transportation allowance from my office, but I need to show receipts for these rides I take, so it’s become a habit of mine to ask for receipts from cab drivers before I get off the vehicle. Recently–and maybe it’s just my luck–I’ve been riding cabs that don’t have working machines, or paper rolls for receipts, and I’m just like . . . seriously? Just these two weeks alone, I must have spent almost a thousand pesos in cab rides without receipts and that makes me so annoyed.

Who maintains these gadgets anyway? Isn’t it the taxi operators’ job to make sure every single thing in their taxis are working? So why don’t thesetumblr_nqujq5eoip1tzcdhao1_400 damn things work when you need them? And why don’t these cab drivers have spare paper rolls to refill their machines? It’s such a simple thing, a simple service, and we can’t even get it right.

Don’t even get me started on taxi meters. Just last week I was unlucky enough to ride a cab with a dead meter. Like, okay . . . if you knew your meter wasn’t working, why are you still on the road? If I hadn’t been in a rush to get to a meeting that morning, I would have alighted that cab in a heartbeat, but alas, it was rush hour, I had to be somewhere, and that cab conveniently stopped in front of me. I’m rolling my eyes right now, remembering the conversation I had with the driver:

“Ma’am, sira po yung metro ko.” (My meter is broken.)

Naku, kuya paano yan? Bigay ko na lang sa inyo yung madalas kong binabayad papunta ron.” (What do we do? I can just give you the amount I usually give when I go there.)

Magkano po ba?” (How much is it?)

Mga 60 pesos.” [ Note: I’m coming from Guadalupe-JP Rizal, and I asked to be taken to Pioneer. People who frequent this place know how near these two locations are. ]

Dagdagan niyo na lang ma’am, kahit bente.” (Please just add at least 20 pesos.)

Kuya naman, araw-araw akong pumupunta ng Kapitolyo, nasa otsenta lang binabayad ko. Gusto niyo Pioneer, pareho ang presyo?” (I travel to Kapitolyo every day and pay only around 80 pesos. I only asked to be dropped at Pioneer and you want me to pay the same amount?)

Ugh. Seriously. There should be a hotline or a damn social media account for cab drivers like these who have the gall to act like this when they shouldn’t even be on the streets.

And some of them even insist on banning services like GrabCar or Uber. Geez. At least those guys from GrabCar and Uber are respectful and nice, they make you feel welcome in their nice vehicles. All I get from some of these old-timer cab drivers are tsk-tsks and muttered complaints every time we enter a bumper-to-bumper situation. This is METRO MANILA, guys. There’s heavy traffic everywhere you go. If you didn’t want to get stuck in traffic, you shouldn’t have left your headquarters in the first place, geez.

. . . . .

tumblr_nhy4ogPjoR1tmooy0o1_500How’s your internet speed lately, my fellow Filipinos? I’m not sure if the days of heavy rainfall are to blame for the epic fail that is our internet connection, but really . . . PLDT and Globe should get their shit together. We use PLDT at home and Globe at work, and both services really SUCK right now. If you try calling customer service to ask if there’s a service interruption, you either 1) give up trying to call because NO ONE answers, or 2) get told that there’s no apparent problem, but they will “look into it” as soon as they can.

But nothing really happens.

Best part? PLDT now calls my house to remind me WHEN to pay my bills, and I’m like . . . really? My due date usually falls on the 10th or 11th of the month–go figure out why I settle my bills four to five days late. Do you really take that against me, PLDT, when your services leave so much to be desired? My speed is nowhere near the speed I’m paying for, either, so please, cut me some slack and stop calling my house to say “Please pay your bills” because you can be sure I will be, just not on your terms. I have finances to manage, all right? So while you wait for me to settle my bill, I hope you do something with your crappy service as well, because I sure as hell am not the only one having problems.

. . . . .

I saved the best–or the absolute worst–for last.

Homewreckers. How I love to hate them, especially the unapologetic kind, the kind who think their actions are justified because they “merely fell in love.” You disgust me. I don’t care how current media paints mistresses–what with all the movies and TV shows out there glamorizing the act of cheating on your spousewhat you are doing is wrong in the eyes of God and the law. There is nothing you can do to make it more correct, or justifiable, or tolerable. You come between a married couple and steal a husband away from his wife, steal a dad away from his kids, you are and will always be a homewrecker.

Of course there is much to be said about the man as well, for allowing himself to be “stolen” away from a family he’s supposed to protect. “It takes two to tango,” so the saying goes, and congratulations, you, for turning into a more pathetic human being than I ever thought you will be. An achievement, probably a first for you, yeah? There is a special place in hell for you, for a person who can say he can leave his children just so he could go live a new life with a new woman, for a person who can tell his wife that he is merely staying because he feels sorry, not because he still loves his family. Yes, there’s a special place in hell for you, and I’m pretty sure it will not wait until you’re dead before you get to see it. Haaaave you met Karma? Oh, she will bite you in the ass sooner than you know it, and I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT to see you grovel at your ex-wife’s feet, asking to be taken back or whatever.

Good fucking riddance.

And as for you, a so-called educated woman whose friends are stupid enough to condone your actions and say hurtful words about the legal wife, Karma will be coming for you too. So you can be happy now with that pathetic excuse for a man you love so much–excuse me, I think I puked in my mouth a little bit–and good luck staying happy, when he can easily leave you, a woman he just knew on the internet for a few months, just as easily as he left his wife of ten years. Imagine that.

Oh, and please, I hope you stop making a fool out of yourself on social media. Edukada ka pa namang tao, pero yung timeline mo, pang-palengkeraDelicadeza, hija.

(Special shout-out to this lady’s friends: Hi ladies, you are such gems, body shaming someone just to inflate your friend’s already-bloated ego. I hope the day that your (future) husbands get stolen away from you by women just like your friend never comes, because that’ll be just precious.)

. . . . .

Back to regular programming on my next post, I promise.

Whew, this was therapeutic.

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