A #romanceclass experiment

First things first: Happy New Year, everybody! <3 Gosh–time flies so fast, doesn’t it? I hope everyone returned from their holiday vacations refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for the year ahead.

So…fun fact: I had slacked off on writing early November.

(Except that’s not actually a ~fun fact, because it makes me uncomfortable that I was rather unproductive toward the year’s end, but that’s okay, I’ve already forgiven myself since I was able to churn out a couple thousand words AND finished That Thing I Was Supposed To Have Finished in October. HEYYYYYYY! <3)

Fun fact #2: I DID end up creating something else early December. With some really cool people you might already know.

We call it an experiment, an exploration of some options we as a community have been mulling over, talking about, and shouting out to the universe just in case someone gets wind of it and decides “Hey, that’s not a bad idea!”

It’s really not. Stressful as it was/is, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever said yes to.

Long story short, we decided to create #romanceclass mini movies! YAY!

Yeap. One hot December day, myself, together with authors Mina V. Esguerra, Six de los Reyes, Carla de Guzman, Chi Yu Rodriguez, and Tania Arpa, shot three short adaptations of #romanceclass books with actors Gio Gahol and Gab Pangilinan. It was a rather exhausting twelve hours — physically and emotionally — but I didn’t even feel the full effect of it until the next day because we just had so much fun. Sure, it was work, but it didn’t feel like it. In between takes, we were mostly just chatting, eating, and laughing about how we were such amateurs at handling our feelings while watching the playback.

So just in case you have not seen these yet, here are the official posters and first teaser for this project:

So–what do you think? ^_^ We are planning to release the mini movies within the first quarter of 2019, and maybe create some more! If you’d like to help us continue creating new stuff, please consider being a #romanceclass Patreon sponsor! For as low as $1 a month, you’ll be able to get an inside scoop at what we have been working on, and help the community put together new projects like this!

Thank you, by the way, to all our existing sponsors. You guys are THE BEST. <3

Expect more fun things from #romanceclass this year! For now, let me get back to editing my manuscript in piece, heh. ^_^

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