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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything like this, and really, following my personal publishing schedule, I should have done this for Waiting in the WingsBut these babies have been sitting in my graphics folder for a while now, and there’s no better time to post them here than now, since I’m releasing a new book (an anthology, to be more precise) in this universe very soon.

If East Genesis Project (Yihwan, Steven, and Minchan), Fi, and Gabriel had Instagram, this is probably what their feed would look like. Let me know if you think they’re #feedgoals, haha! ^_^

Important Note: The personalities included in these photos are image pegs and are not, in any way, connected to me or the aforementioned book.

Jo Yihwan


Captions, top row, L-R:

  • Understand? Good. Let’s rock.
  • I haven’t played this old lady in a while. She still sings like a badass.
  • Need a hand, uri superwoman?

Captions, bottom row, L-R:

  • Hwabo on my mind.
  • Downtime.
  • Thai Originals, kob-khun krab for coming to see us tonight. You were GOLDEN.

Steven Bae


Captions, top row, L-R:

  • Only Yihwan hyung can bully Minchan into feeding him. I would like to have this much power too, someday. #eastgenesisproject #brothers (tagged @yihwannie, @songminchan)
  • Hit it but don’t quit it. #eastgenesisproject #thedrummerlifechoseme
  • Back in the studio today to record something for something. Look, omoni! I look like a real singer, don’t I? #eastgenesisproject #comingsoon

Captions, bottom row, L-R:

  • I have two sticks, the left and the right. #eastgenesisproject #thedrummerlifechoseme
  • Look test today. Photo by @filegaspi
  • It’s been too loooooong, Itaewon. Tell me what I’ve been missing.

Song Minchan


Captions, top row, L-R:

  • Third plane ride this week. Not complaining, because look at that beauty. Good morning, Japan. We’ll see you later. ^_^ #egprojecttour
  • SNACKTIME! #meogomeogomeogo
  • Stylist Hyejoo noona knows how to make even our instruments look good on stage! I am truly amazed. (tagged @hyejookim)

Captions, bottom row, L-R:

  • Fi noona takes the best candid photos <3 (tagged @filegaspi)
  • I like making bets with Steven hyung because he loses 90% of the time and now I get to eat his sliders too. (tagged @bornabae)
  • Coming soon, for Elle Korea. 😀 Kidaehaejuseyo!

Fi Legaspi


Captions, top row, L-R:

  • A motto for always. #DrinkCoffeeBeTheShit
  • So serious, this #hyungnim. (tagged @gabrielpark)
  • I can already hear the Original fandom’s excited cheers from here. Your GOLDEN trio will be back soon! #egprojectcomeback #eastgenesisproject

Captions, bottom row, L-R:

  • Weekly manager’s meeting. #letsgetdowntobusiness
  • Magandang umaga. Good morning. Joheun achim-ieyo. No work today. Which means I’m going to bed right after hitting Share. #tamadmode
  • Seonmul. Thank you. #GOLDEN (tagged @yihwannie @bornabae @songminchan)

Gabriel Park


Captions, top row, L-R:

  • Accurate. #givememycoffeeandnoonegetshurt
  • Sunshine and rainbows come in black and blue packages sometimes. (tagged @filegaspi)
  • #TBT to that hot and humid afternoon in Intramuros, Manila. <3

Captions, bottom row, L-R:

  • It’s almost time to update the @amentkr website with brand spanking new photos! Here’s Silverazzi at work today. 🙂 #silverazzi #amentfamily
  • Who missed this game? I definitely fucking did. #AmEntSportsfest Photo by @filegaspi
  • Do my eyes deceive me or am I still seeing some light in the horizon on my way home? (I’m not posting while, driving, just saying. I’m really not, I swear.)

Scandalized is my ode to the crazy, addicting world of Korean pop. Read more about the book here. Available on Amazon ($2.99) and paperback (PH only, P300).

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