Paper Planes Back Home

paper planes back home coverTitle: Paper Planes Back Home
Published by: Tara Frejas
Contributors: Tara Frejas, Rix Forto, Joshua Elisha Carta
Release Date: February 21, 2015
Genre: , ,
Pages: 147

When Gianna wakes up on a cloud, she is disoriented yet fascinated. She thinks she's only dreaming until she gets a storm of paper planes—"They're thoughts of people who remember," a man on another cloud tells her—each pleading for her not to leave.

The man tells her these planes are the key to get out of there, and while she thinks it's hard to believe, she decides everything is worth trying if it meant finding her way back home.

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paper planes back home quote arrival


“This was such a good read! And not just because there are CLOUDS on the cover but it blew me away, flying me to a world where only a few other Filipino novels have ever taken me before.”

KB Meniado, Bookbed Head Cheer Reader

“As I flipped through each page, I grew more fascinated by the depth of Frejas’ imagination, from the creation of this world between worlds, to the rules of the game, to the twists and turns of the intertwining stories.”

Jay E. Tria, author of Blossom Among Flowers and Songs of Our Breakup

“Tara imbues her stories with the kind of whimsy few writers are brave enough to embrace. In a world where you get the impression that whimsy is “uncool”, it takes courage to let this sort of voice out. It also takes talent for a writer to be able to use this voice while tackling some heavy themes. This writer has that in spades.”

Elea Andrea Almazora, author of Shakeups

“Tara Frejas’ debut had love in almost all of its forms – romance, family, and friendship, and this is what makes this book the kind I think people will read regardless of the genre they usually try.”

Ana Tejano, author of Fall Like Rain and Keep the Faith

“Paper Planes Back Home is the book that I’ve been waiting for from a Filipino author. It makes me proud and inspired.”

Paula M., Her Book Thoughts

"The author did an amazing job at capturing the things we love most in our imagination and solidifying it onto paper. As a lover of fantasy and romance, this somehow brought the two together and made a gorgeous hybrid of pain, loss, hope and friendship that went beyond the horizon of possibilities."

C. Erani Kole, Servant's Heart

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Paper Planes Back Home is part of the #romanceclass catalogue. Please support Filipino authors by buying their work and encouraging others to do the same! <3

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The “Forget You” Brew

the forget you brew coverTitle: The "Forget You" Brew
Published by: Tara Frejas
Contributors: Tara Frejas, Rix Forto, Tania Arpa
Release Date: January 28, 2016
Genre: , ,
Pages: 61

For 20-year old Kyle Thomson, nothing in the world is more terrifying than the prospect of telling Allison Jeon that he loves her. That is, until he finds out that this mystical café in a peculiar place called Nowheretown had served her a cup of afforgeto—a brew for forgetting—a drink she ordered intending to forget him. Hoping to reverse the spell, Kyle reluctantly teams up with a bunny-eared hopeless romantic and a badass barista to retrieve Allison’s memory jar from the Repository of the Intangible. But when stealing back forgotten memories doesn’t quite turn out as expected, Kyle is left with no choice but to conquer his biggest fear. 

Can the magic of Nowheretown supply him a fixer-upper, or will the magic in his steadfast heart be enough to grant them their happy ever after?

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the forget you brew quote


"This is my first Frejas book, and reading it pretty much sealed the deal that she will be on my auto-buy list from here on out. The depth of her imagination grabs you from the first page. It feels real and magical at the same time, and it’s the kind of strong pull that moves you to turn the page, to hungrily go through each word and navigate through each plot twist."

Jay E. Tria, author of Majesty and Songs to get Over You

"Now here’s a quirky and fun read that would make you feel you’re watching a Studio Ghibli animated movie. What I loved about this novella: world-building, magic, and the characters of Nowheretown. And bunnies!

…and Tim. (Teehee!)"

Anne Plaza, Author of Bloodline Maharlika and Fall For Grace

"I’m not usually into shoujo (this would fall into that category if it were manga), but I liked how things were plotted out and how it ended. It was a really cute story and  I loved reading it."

Ren Mayari, Red Riding Hood’s Cloak

"This was a short read, yet it had affected me so much because almost every page made my heart stop. Either I’ve read something really interesting, or I’ve read something that is so me – THE RELATE FACTOR IS JUST !!!"

Fay Sebastian, book blogger, Bibliophile Soprano

"The imaginative Nowheretown with its colorful characters captured my heart. How I wish my feet would bring me to Kaipuhan café, have a chat with the badass barista and drink my fill of afforgeto."

Mabel, Goodreads review

the forget you brew quote 2

The "Forget You" Brew is part of the #romanceclass catalogue. Please support Filipino authors by buying their work and encouraging others to do the same! <3

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Scandalized (Backstage Pass #1)

Title: Scandalized
Series: Backstage Pass #1
Published by: Tara Frejas
Contributors: Tara Frejas, Rix Forto, Layla Tanjutco, Chi Yu Rodriguez, Shaira Bea San Jose, Porcupine Strongwill
Release Date: May 5, 2016
Genre: ,
Pages: 200

Fi Legaspi is living the dream working in Seoul as a road manager for one of South Korea's hottest bands, East Genesis Project. Until she isn't.

When she finds herself in the middle of a scandal and a hostile fangirl witch hunt, Fi seeks the comfort of home, and to her surprise, not the person she had been pining for for years. All too suddenly it's no longer her career on the line, but also her heart. Will she walk away from everything that matters to her or fight to keep her dream alive?

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scandalized quote


"Tara definitely shows her fandom bonafides with her expert rendition of a sex scandal, KPop-style. Her depiction shows a much clearer understanding of South Korean fan culture than previous books I’ve read, and her criticism of aspects of this sasaeng culture and the undue sway it holds over Korean idols’ lives  makes for interesting reading. Once Tara gets into her groove, I couldn’t put the book down."

Ron Lim, author and book blogger, Ron Reads

"…reading Scandalized was a breeze. I loved Tara’s other books, so I sort of knew what to expect with her writing, and her newest one didn’t disappoint in that area. I loved how real everything felt on the first few pages, and even if I wasn’t into the culture, I could clearly imagine Fi and East Genesis Project, and the Amethyst office and Gabriel like they were fully formed characters who decided to settle in my head. There was a certain kind of sincerity in the pages of this book that would capture even a non-K-Pop fan like me."

Ana Tejano, author of Fall Like Rain and Keep the Faith

"Tara just made everything so beautiful—from the narration to the characters’ own personalities and voices, from the out-of-this-world fans (there’s a harsh reality in that and it happens A LOT) to the crazy industry of music, from taking me places to the comforts of my home country and evendown to the glossary—I was very impressed! And can I just say that I loooove the characters so much?"

April, book blogger, B i n i b i n i

"If you ask me if this is a great novel for KPop fans, especially Filipino ones, to read, I’ll say yes, but that’s not all. If you ask me if it’s perfect for anyone who’s ever crushed on a pop or rock star, I’ll say yes, but that’s not all either. If anyone’s ever been bullied or been a bully, this is a story for you too. It’s just a great novel all around, and while a familiarity with Korean culture and entertainment will certainly go a long way toward your enjoyment of the book, at its heart this is a story about a person overcoming the pain the world throws at her with a little help from her friends. And that’s a win in my book."

Liana Smith-Bautista, editor and book blogger, Will Read For Feels

" the end of the book, I felt like I was leaving people I actually knew. Have you ever encountered that? Like, upon closing the book, you start wondering what happens to them after? Whenever I feel like this, I just know that it's a book that I need to share to other people."

Sab, book blogger, Sab the Bookeater

an excerpt, live read by Gio Gahol and Gab Pangilinan
#AllTheFeels at Manila International Book Fair, September 18, 2016

video © Gela Uy

Scandalized is part of the #romanceclass catalogue. Please support Filipino authors by buying their work and encouraging others to do the same! <3

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Settle the Score / Hustle Play

settle the score hustle play coverTitle: Settle the Score / Hustle Play
Published by: Tara Frejas
Contributors: Tara Frejas, Rix Forto
Release Date: October 15, 2016
Genre: , ,
Pages: 66

Settle the Score

College senior Garnet Figueroa lives and breathes basketball. A reliable asset to her varsity team, she is equipped with the skills and smarts to get the De La Sierra Lady Hunters closer to this year’s championship title. But Garnet soon finds out that her good friend (and long-time crush), cheerdancer Charles Crisostomo, is being cheated on by his girl, and she lets her emotions get the best of her. 

Will she be able to come up with a game plan to save herself from heartbreak before the buzzer signals Game Over?

Hustle Play

Running on pure adrenaline and working with game strategies is something a basketball player like Garnet Figueroa is trained for. On the court, she is unbeatable. Off the court... that's a completely different story.

Because falling in love is trickier than a ball game, and Garnet finds herself fumbling over her feelings for Charles Crisostomo. The fact that her attention gets divided between him and rival school hard-court hottie Chris Barcelo doesn't help.

Or does it?

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settle the score quote


The sports aspect is A+ for me. There aren't a lot of basketball romance novels out there and we totally need more. I actually became excited when Garnet describes playing because there are some scenes where she is at that moment playing at a game and stuff. Plus let's not forget Charles is a cheerleader and that is something I have never read before which makes me smile. I loved it plenty.

Sil, The Book Voyagers

Featuring a female basketball player and a male cheerdancer, Settle the Score/Hustle Play is a fun, refreshing read. I've always been a fan of the friends-to-lovers trope and female characters who aren't too girly-girly. The way the couple's chemistry developed into a whole new level was so natural and swoon-worthy, it was so easy to root for them and to fall in love with them.

Agay Llanera, author of This Side of Sunny and Another Word for Happy

I really like how Tara Frejas can create colorful backgrounds for her leads, given that her works are short novels. To be able to establish these characters and their values is a tough feat especially if you have a limited number of pages to work with. And just like with her other books she can also write a solid set of secondary characters to add to the dynamics of the story.

Mabel, book blogger, The Book Nut

hustle play quote

I am not a sports fanatic. I really don’t understand sports terminologies, though I know what foul and rebound might actually mean. But though Settle the Score and Hustle Play  revolved around basketball and varsities and championships, I still enjoyed the story, simply because Tara Frejas’ stories of good-friends-turned-lovers bring this good feel of old school kilig that I don’t find in just about any book I read.

Elizabeth Galit, author of If I Knew Then

an excerpt, live read by Salve Villarosa and Herv Alvarez
#AprilFeelsDay, April 17, 2016

video © Will Read for Feels

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Make My Wish Come True

make my wish come true front coverTitle: Make My Wish Come True
Published by: #romanceclass authors
Contributors: Ysa Arcangel, Ines Bautista-Yao, Racquel Sarah A. Castro, Suzette de Borja, Carla de Guzman, Six de los Reyes, Mina V. Esguerra, Tara Frejas, Dawn Lanuza, Chris Mariano, Bianca Mori, Chrissie Peria, Chi Yu Rodriguez, C.P. Santi, Kate Sebastian, Miles Tan, Ana Tejano, Jay E. Tria, Celestine Trinidad
Release Date: December 1, 2016
Genre: , ,

Get ready for feels this holiday season with Make My Wish Come True, a Christmas anthology by #romanceclass authors. Join a Kris Kringle and receive the perfect gift, or learn how to survive your first Christmas in Manila and the steps you need to take to be with the one you love. Go to parties that will not go according to plan, feel the cold (and probably humid) December air as you explore city streets, and count down to five minutes to Christmas. Meet kind strangers and friends that remind you of home, and discover that the one who’ll make your holidays better has been beside you all along.

With seventeen stories, there’s something for you here no matter what feels you want and need. Fall in love this Christmas with #romanceclass!

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