Tara’s Thoughts On: SB19’s Pagtatag Finale Concert


Dear Diary,

SB19 finished their first day of the Pagtatag Finale concert today. They were soooooo cute! Sabi nila, A’Tin were so instrumental to their success, kaya lang, we’re OA. React much sa lahat ng bagay kasi eh!

Mula ngayon…

Goodbye—teka, ano’ng goodbye? *Maricel Soriano voice* WALANG MAGGU-GOODBYE!!!

We might have said our farewell to the Pagtatag era, but just like Pablo said, this is not the end. And honestly, for someone like me who’s just attended her FIRST SB19 concert, this is just the beginning.

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Tara’s Thoughts On: My Name is Loh Kiwan

“Does someone like me even deserve happiness?”

I spent the last few days ruminating on my review for this film because there were so many aspects I wanted to comment on and very little time (and energy, tbh) to actually write something down. So here’s an attempt to encapsulate all of my feelings for Song Joongki’s latest film.

WARNING: Mild spoilers ahead.

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