{ Short & Tweet } Episode Four

I haven’t done this in a while, but let me do something new just because. I’m going to introduce two Twitter accounts today, @eastgenproject and @KaipuhanKafe, both “managed” by fictional characters from stories I wrote.

In April, I joined a writing workshop called #SparkNA, which brought forth to the world (in a manner of speaking) a Korean pop-rock band called East Genesis Project aka EG Project. In the process of creating these characters, I’ve always had the urge to write side stories and interviews involving them and putting those together in some pseudo-band website. Of course, I never really got around to doing that yet, but I did start this:

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{ Short & Tweet } Episode Three

Because it’s been two weeks since the #StrangeLit bundles were released, and I have been getting nakakakilig comments about The “Forget You” Brew (which really make my very busy days more bearable), let me share with you some of my favorites.

^ Squeeeeee! <3 Krissy even mentions the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind while tweet-reviewing my novella, and while I haven’t yet seen it (I’m so sorry I have this . . . thing), being put in the same category as a film most of my friends like/love is a lovely compliment. Thank you, my dear.

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{ Short & Tweet } Episode Two

And that’s it for this year’s FIBA Asia Tournament. Philippine Team Gilas Pilipinas will come home with the silver after tonight’s championship match versus China. Not exactly the game I wanted to see, but it was something I’d also expected. From the game against Lebanon alone, we were already given a preview of what was to happen if we faced China: Lots of questionable calls from referees sending us into penalty early in the quarters and affording the rival team more free throws than we should.

Not to undermine China, however. They were formidable with very, very tall, young players with lots of athleticism and excellent basketball skills. They could have easily pulled away with a 50-point deficit banking on their skills alone, but I do believe Gilas played well defensively, keeping the margin as close as possible until the final seconds of the game. I also believe that the bad referee calls demoralized Gilas as the game wore on, and that didn’t bode well for our dear National Team. Still, I applaud the players for their gallant display of bravado and heart, from Jones Cup to FIBA Asia. Congratulations, #GilasPilipinas! <3 You guys are still our heroes!

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{ Short & Tweet } Episode One

Thought of putting together amusing tweets I’ve posted, faved, and RT-ed recently. Ya know, for posterity. 😛 Let’s start with this one because… COME ON. I know it’s like a month ago but come. on.

Best thing about this tweet?


To be honest, I have the biggest crush on Aaron Tveit, but sometimes Manny Montana just makes my heart flutter. I think it’s that drawl. So adorable. <3

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