Character Chats: GabeXFi + EG Project Edition

Three days ago, I discovered Yazzy, a phone application that can generate different kinds of social media content from information you input. Using the app, you can easily create fake text or chat logs as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts–so naturally, I had to make some for my characters… and I had so much fun.

Here’s a collection of the first few chat logs I made, featuring characters from Scandalized.

The “Choc-Nut** Seduction” feat. Fi Legaspi & Gabriel Park

**If you’ve read Summer Crush, you’d get this reference. *winkwink, nudgenudge*

Your daily dose of sweetness, courtesy of Gabriel & Fi <3 (Also featuring Gabe’s fail Filipino)

“Prelude to the Mysterious Disappearance of Steven Bae”

When Fi sends Steven’s “discoveries” to Gabriel and asks for… backstory.

See? I told you I had too much fun! ^_^ I think I’ll be posting more of these soon. It’s amusing, and it’s actually pretty good exercise too! <3 Waiting in the Wings characters will be next, but if you can’t wait, I post these on Twitter first haha. Follow me @tarafrejas?

Happy Easter, everyone! <3

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