COVER REVEAL: Scandalized 2.0

Can you believe it’s already April? *insert shocked emoji here* I mean, where did the first quarter of the year go?

For sure, I was busy with work mostly, adjusting to the new hours and learning a lot of new stuff. I honestly haven’t created a dent in my writing schedule just yet, but I’m happy to tell you that I’m…trying. Haha. And while I haven’t yet been cranking out as many words as I wanted, let me show you something really pretty first.

Presenting, the new cover of Scandalized:


So just in case anyone is curious about the rebranding, here’s why that happened. From the get-go, I really wanted a series for these characters, which was why, if you’d noticed, the original published book hasĀ Roadie Romance #1 on it. But as I was brainstorming and outlining the next book, I realized that I painted myself into a corner, so to speak.

Firstly, naming the series Roadie Romance could get people thinking only the roadie gets romanced…which is not true. I can tell you that even as the second book still has Filipina and Gabriel in the picture, the central arc will be Yihwan and his (accidental) love story. Moving forward, I want to give Steven and Minchan their HEAs as well, so I decided to rename the series Backstage Pass.

And then there’s that tiny issue about the cover. I simply felt like it would be difficult to replicate the first book’s cover so that all the books in the series look like they belong, so I decided to create a new one. The artwork for this repackaged (see what I did there, Kpop fans?) edition of Scandalized was created by Shaira Bea San Jose, with calligraphy work by Porcupine Strongwill. Cover design: me. ^_^

What’s new aside from the cover, you ask? Well, nothing much, really. It’s the same story, only that I’ve edited it to address POV/headhopping issues and tense. I’ve also added two short stories: Gabriel’s Checklist from the #romanceclass Christmas anthology Make My Wish Come True, and 548 from The Reading Belles’ Say Feels Special.

Scandalized 2.0 will be released on Amazon very soon (think May, maybe) and on paperback. If you already have a copy of the book, don’t worry. I will be setting up a link where you can download the book for free while you wait for Amazon to update your Kindle/Kindle app copies. To those who would like to buy a copy of the book, please stay tuned for pre-order and launch details. I will be giving away really cute freebies to those who purchase during the pre-order period.

And I mean, they’re really cute.

This lovely piece of art was created by @jennaxxi on Instagram.

So…that’s it! Hope you check back here for updates on the re-release, or you can always follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! (I update there more often, actually. Hee.)

I’m so excited to get you guys reunited with Yihwan, Steven, Minchan, Fi, and Gabriel soon! <3

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