[ FRCA 2022 ] My babies are nominated!

Well, what do you know ~ three of my books have been nominated for Filipino Reader’s Choice Awards 2022! This is the first FRCA in seven years, so you can imagine how very tough the competition might be. To be named as a nominee alongside friends and fellow #romanceclass authors feels so good, though!

Here are my nominated books!

Scandalized (Backstage Pass #1), originally published in 2016 and re-released in 2018. Nominated for Romance in English, Batch 1 (2015-2018). [ More about Scandalized. ]
Keeping Miss Kalila. Published in 2020. Nominated for Romance in English, Batch 2 (2019-2021). The last standalone book I released before the world closed down. [ More about Keeping Miss Kalila. ]
Summer Crush, published in 2017. Nominated for Fiction Anthology, Batch 1 (2015-2018). The first collaboration project I did with Six de los Reyes and Jay E. Tria. [ More about Summer Crush. ]
You may find the full list of nominees here, and if you’d like to vote for my books (or other #romanceclass books), have an email address ready and head on over to this page! Voting period is until September 23, 11:59 pm Manila time only, so don’t miss your chance to show your support to your favorite Filipino authors and creators!

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