Hashtagging for a cause

If you have been following me on Twitter, chances are, you’d see me tweeting and re-tweeting things with the #SparkNA hashtag. I know I probably kind of spam my t-list with it but whatever, I love that hashtag so much I already have a separate column for it on my Tweetdeck. Har-de-har.

The hashtag is an amazing thing, actually. As someone who frequents social media sites on the regular (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, most especially) for work and personal use, it has proven to be a handy tool for research, basically. You can find a topic of interest quickly and see what people are saying about it, and you can also get in touch with groups of people who share the same interest.

More recently, the hashtag is being used to promote brands and build viral awareness campaigns for a lot of different causes. The #EarthConnect campaign, an endeavor taken by non-government organization SIFCare, is one such cause that makes use of the handy-dandy hashtag. When we began creating the #EarthConnect campaign a few months back, we wanted it to become as popular as the #100HappyDays campaign, or maybe even the #ALSIceBucketChallenge–and we do wish it comes to fruition as the days go by.

The social media campaign has a two-fold  objective: One is to get the youth of today to reconnect with the world that they live in by consciously being mindful of their daily activities, however simple, that may affect our environment. Secondly, #EarthConnect also aims to raise funds for a pawikan (sea turtle) protection and conservation program in San Juan, La Union called CURMA (or Coastal Underwater Resource Management Actions). The pawikans are a keystone species that must be protected, and through CURMA volunteers’ efforts, they save several hundred sea turtles from poachers every year.

Check out the posts we’ve gathered so far!

If you are interested to become part of the campaign, you may find more details here, and you are very much encouraged to like the #EarthConnect Facebook page for updates.

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