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Let me start this post by saying: It’s my birthday on Monday, just in case you need a reason to have cake. I’ve finally reached the (physical) age where I have to watch my sugar intake, so I can’t really have any right now. It would be nice if you could think of me when you have cake, though. So, yeah. ^_^;

Celebrations have been weird since 2020. I’m not the type to hold or attend parties a lot, but I do miss celebrating milestones with friends and family without having to worry if someone could get sick because we’re all in one room together, talking and laughing and singing. Last year, I celebrated my birthday with a livestream where me and some #romanceclass friends played pictionary and had party food. It was a whole lot of chaos and fun.

This year, I didn’t have the motivation to plan anything. >_<;; It’s a little sad, but true. I am very grateful I’m still here, though, but maybe I’ll just add one year to my age on that day and proceed as usual. (I’m sure I’ll have something special for lunch with my family, but apart from that it’ll be just like any other day.)

I am, however, giving something away, because I’d like to spread a little cheer and kilig. And hope.

NomCom: Tropetastic Kindness Bundle 2

ICYMI, #romanceclass released a new anthology on Valentine’s Day called NomCom: Tropetastic Kindness Bundle 2. It’s a collection of 14 short romance stories set within a fictional food park in Metro Manila. Just like last year, this bundle’s proceeds will go to a chosen charity, and this year, we have chosen For Our Farmers, an NGO that helps farmers who were severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s the fun part: If you haven’t gotten a copy of the book yet, this is your chance to win one!

I’m giving away two copies of NomCom to a lucky Twitter and Instagram winner. Just follow the instructions on these posts to join: Twitter | Instagram

I will be drawing winners on Monday, February 21st.

Oh, and one more thing…

It’s not a secret to those who follow me on my socials that my writing mojo has taken a hit because of the prolonged lockdowns and general uncertainty surrounding us right now, but I’d really really like to get back into my old writing habit. And so I thought of challenging myself by asking people for writing prompts.

So far, I’ve received word prompts, song prompts, tropes, photos, gifs, and even a TikTok video! My plan is to write down all the prompts, put them in a box, pick a prompt every day and write until I run out of prompts.

Do you have a prompt for me? Go ahead and hit that reply button and send it in.

I’m closing prompt submissions on Monday, February 21st.

Thanks in advance, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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