Music x Book Match: Ben&Ben

In mid-December, I started a Twitter thread that matched Ben&Ben songs with #romanceclass titles, and it garnered a bit of attention from my mutuals as well as people I don't know. Because that thread was made rather haphazardly, I thought of creating a new one with better visuals and stuff, but things got busy right before the holidays, and I wasn't able to continue/complete the thread at all. And because I vowed that I would try my best to finish things I started, here's a blog post instead! <3

(NOTE: I'm going to try doing this Music x Book Match a regular thing just like Pinoy Movie x Book Match, so wish me luck!)

The Band

Ben&Ben is a Filipino indie band who produced hit songs such as Kathang-Isip, Maybe the Night, and Leaves. The band is composed of nine members, namely, Paolo Benjamin Guico (vocals, guitars), Miguel Benjamin Guico (vocals, guitars), Poch Barretto (electric guitars), Jam Villanueva (drums), Agnes Reoma (bass), Patricia Lasaten (keyboards), Andrew de Pano (percussion, backing vocals), Toni Muñoz (percussion, backing vocals), and Keifer Cabugao (violin). [ Source: Ben&Ben's Wikipedia page ]

Kathang-Isip was the first Ben&Ben song I heard in 2017. I fell in love with it instantly and started looking up more of their songs on Spotify. I then fell in love with Maybe the Night and Bibingka, and eventually I would check out Spotify to see if they had a new song up. I loved how they sound nice and easy and soothing, and that I can listen to them while I write because their songs usually have a relaxing feel to them. When I began including their songs in my book playlists, I thought: Hey, it would be nice to do a music and book match thing! 

And so, here are Ben&Ben songs as #romanceclass book / character themes:

Bibingka / Make My Wish Come True

Listen to Bibingka on Spotify.
Get Make My Wish Come True on Amazon.

Sunrise / Ghost of a Feeling

Listen to Sunrise on Spotify.
Get Ghost of a Feeling on Amazon.

Godsent / Raya and Grayson’s Guide to Saving the World

Listen to Godsent on Spotify.
Get Raya and Grayson’s Guide to Saving the World on Amazon.

Ours / You, Me, U.S.

Listen to Ours on Spotify.
Get You, Me, U.S. on Amazon.

Talaarawan / Songs to Get Over You

Listen to Talaarawan on Spotify.
Get Songs to Get Over You on Amazon.

Fall / Flipping the Script

Listen to Fall on Spotify.
Get Flipping the Script on Amazon.

Masyado Pang Maganda / How She Likes It

Listen to Masyado Pang Maaga on Spotify.
Get How She Likes It on Amazon.

Maybe the Night / Kiss and Cry

Listen to Maybe The Night on Spotify.
Get Kiss and Cry on Amazon.

Kathang-Isip / Feels Like Summer

Listen to Kathang-Isip on Spotify.
Get Feels Like Summer on Amazon.

Pagtingin / Waiting in the Wings

Listen to Pagtingin on Spotify.
Get Waiting in the Wings on Amazon.

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