Of Dreams and Then Some

CCP facade

Dear Tara,

Do you remember when, as a high school senior/college freshman, you would spend afternoons with Ceejay and Macri doing research for the play you were writing at the CCP Library? Do you remember getting library cards (so you could borrow some material, I guess) after coming back so many times?

(Let’s also not forget hanging out at the CCP Cafeteria just so you could catch a glimpse of the Miss Saigon cast during their break. Because hard work deserved some reward, yes?)

Yeah, I figured you would.

I guess you’d also still remember how heartbroken you were that that play you were writing got shelved because of time/budget constraints, and how happy you were when it finally got picked up for production months later. You even helped direct the thing. And became part of the cast as a guest artist. Yeah, you remember. I don’t think you’ll ever forget.

Yes, even when the next several years that followed were all about surviving college and entering the workforce and earning your keep. Even when you’ve put some dreams away in favor of more realistic ones.

CCP Library

Turns out those dreams–they never really leave you. Turns out no matter how late you start chasing those dreams and working hard for them, the universe will find ways to make them come true for you, even if it comes in a different package.

Like two amazing actors reading your work in front of a young, impressionable audience.

At the CCP Library.

During the CCP Pasinaya, one of their biggest annual eventsĀ ever.

CCP Library 2

Surreal, huh?

All right, chill. Don’t cry. Hold those tears in.
(Okay, fine… maybe sob a little. I get it. I really do.)

So when you’re done processing your feelings over this, let’s start writing again, yes? You’ve prepared quite an ambitious writing calendar–it would be a shame if we stopped now. It doesn’t matter if we slow down a bit, just as long as we don’t stop completely. And while we’re at it, let’s dream a little bit more and whisper it to the universe.

She’s always listening.

Gio and Rachel

For now… good job, you. Look how far we’ve come.


Waiting in the Wings, together with Clarisse David’s Keeping the Distance and Mina V. Esguerra’s Interim Goddess of Love, was read today at the CCP Library by Gio Gahol and Rachel Coates. The short live reading session was part of the CCP Pasinaya, an annual celebration of Philippine arts and culture.

Many, many thanks to #romanceclass and Ms. Bebang Siy for this amazing opportunity. I am still in awe.

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