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I’m a rather visual person. I watch pictures, artwork, films and shows and easily get inspired by what I see. (I also take a lot of inspiration from music, but that’s a story for another day.) If you’ve read my previous post, you’d know what I mean about drawing inspiration from something that stuns me visually, but there’s also something else, something new I tried doing while writing and trying to finish my most recent full-length story.

Yeap, you guessed it… it’s got something to do with Pinterest.

Pinterest can actually be a really amazing tool, and the ways you can use the site’s function is really just up to your imagination. These were just some of the images I kept going back to whenever I needed some inspiration while I was writing the story. This artwork in particular got me grinning from ear to ear because I found it after I was done with the very first edition and I feel like it captured my thoughts perfectly.

There’s lot of inspiring material out there–my Tumblr feed has amazing stuff posted every single day–and it could get overwhelming at times, but I’m really thankful these sites exist because they are extremely helpful, not only for writing inspiration but also for work-related projects.

Have you ever tried something like this for a writing project? I’m looking forward to building more inspiration boards for my next ones. I think that it’s also interesting to look back at them once you’re done writing and see how much of the things you experienced looking at these photos and artworks influenced your own work, in one way or another.

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