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I can’t believe how fast time flies sometimes. I mean…the first book I ever published, Paper Planes Back Home, turns 7 this month…and Waiting in the Wings turns 5!

Shocked? I know, right? I feel you. Where’d all that time go?

Anyway, both Paper Planes Back Home and Waiting in the Wings are available on Wattpad right now, so if you’re interested to read (or reread) them, or you know someone who’d be interested in them, please send them these links:

Paper Planes Back Home

  • an urban fantasy about life, death, and love
  • what if you can send paper planes to souls in limbo?
  • long term relationships and newfound loves
  • CW: death discourse throughout the book, arranged marriage, cheating

Waiting in the Wings

  • a contemporary romance set again the backdrop of Philippine theatre
  • single-since-birth theatre actress looking for real romance ends up in non-toxic love triangle
  • there’s singing and dancing!
  • CW: alopecia

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