#RomanceClass X Ayala Museum + First Timer Survival Tips

EventPoster RomanceClass Ayala Museum

Oh my god, we’re back again.
(Brothers, sisters, everybody sing.)

No, seriously. #RomanceClass is having another fun ~feelsy event at the Ayala Museum on Saturday, February 11, 2017, from 10am to 6pm! Check out the poster above for some of the activities in store for you. I say some because there will be more, we’re just finalizing stuff… and maybe we just want to surprise you. Hee~ ^_^

Entrance fee is P225 for adults/non-students and P125 for students. Students, please bring your IDs or else you’ll be wasting away your student discount. Pandagdag rin yan sa pambili niyo ng libro, chos!

So, anyway–we’ve been very happy to see that more and more people are discovering the #romanceclass writing community through different channels. Some find us online via blogger recommendations, some find our books at book stores and specialty/novelty shops, some get recommendations from friends/family. No matter how you heard of us, we are very, very grateful for your enthusiasm and support. And I know we will be meeting some of you for the first time on February 11, so I put together a list of “survival tips” so you’ll be able to enjoy your first #romanceclass bookish event.

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How to Survive Your First
#RomanceClass Event

  1. Bring a friend. I AM DEAD SERIOUS. You will need someone to flail with and feel things with, so bringing a friend is kind of a requisite. Also, of course you’d want someone to take really nice photos of you with the authors or the live readers, especially if, like me, you suffer from shaky hands. Having a friend around can also help lessen the shyness, ‘no? So tag someone along. If they’re not already into #romanceclass or books in general, we might be able to change their mind. ^_^

    I’m not saying something like this will definitely happen, but you have to be ready for all possibilities. 😛
  2. Bring pocket money. And a tote bag. There will be A LOT of books at the event–ye have been warned. So far, 20 authors have confirmed about selling their books during the event, and we’re not talking just one title per author here, either. You’ll have plenty of titles to choose from, which leads me to my third item…
  3. Write up a shopping list. We have a semi-complete catalogue of books at romanceclassbooks.com which you can browse. It’s only semi-complete because people are writing and releasing new books all the time and sometimes even we can’t keep up. Heh. ^//^ Having a shopping list of books you really want to buy will help you calm yourself down when you’re already standing in front of the selling table and seeing all the pretty covers and stuff.
    Yeap. Pretty much.

    PRO TIP: Contact the authors if you want specific books, because they may only bring limited copies, or they may have NONE. 90% of our books are self-published after all, and we might not have all titles in stock, especially if they’re books that have been published a while back. For reference, here’s a Twitter thread of books confirmed to have print copies available during the event.

    And oh, by the way, there will be other merch available such as shirts, bags, mugs, stickers, etc., so be ready for that too. (Actually just bring your ATM card. There’s an ATM machine at the 2nd level anyway. :P)

  4. Get your camera ready. The highlight of every #romanceclass event is the live readings, and while some of us stay at the far end of the room where it happens (because we’re flaily and noisy af) and don’t really take videos, you might want to. Y’know, for posterity. Trust me, you will want to watch stuff again and again and again. Especially Gio. Because he surprises us every damn time. (I’m actually kind of afraid of what he has up his sleeve next, tbh.)GOVERNMENT WARNING | Live readings are dangerous to your feels. You may end up like this:

    I’m not even exaggerating. This is why you have to bring a friend. (See tip #1.) Side effects (lutangness, giggling/smiling out of nowhere, feeling kilig all of a sudden) can last for days. You may think you’ve gotten over it, days later, until something triggers it. Like a photo of the live readers, a video/audio clip, or even just a photo/screenshot of the lines they read.
  5. Join the activities! There will be random activities happening around the venue and I encourage you to join them so you could meet new friends and, well… have fun! Want to meet the authors? That’d be awesome too. We’re friendly and we don’t bite, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be wearing name tags on that day so it’ll be easier for you to identify us. Some of us have doppelgangers, though. Heh. 😛
  6. Go online after the event. Actually, go on Twitter. You know how you need to shout things to the world after something awesome has really happened? Yeah, Twitter is the best place to do that. Why? Because we’ll all be there, shouting things to the world too. Maybe in all caps. Or gif form. You might find coherence here and there, but I can’t promise you that. Oh, and yes… Instagram will be flooded with event photos, videos, #bookstagrams and other fun stuff like that, so do join us. It’s always fun.

    We all pretty much like this after the event. Lucky we have Sunday this time to process everything. 😛
  7. Put our next event in your calendar. You think we’d stop there? Hah. NO. We have another event in April, so keep us in mind. Actually, just track the #romanceclass hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, because like Steven Tyler once said, you “don’t wanna miss a thaaaaaang.”

And that’s it! I hope I didn’t forget anything, but if you have any questions, you can always tweet me @tarafrejas or give #romanceclass a shoutout! Pretty sure someone’s online to answer them. ^_^

Looking forward to meet you on February 11! <3

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