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Sa Wakas–yes, that 2013 Sugarfree musical you missed (oh, was it just me? okay.)–is back to mess with our feelings and break our hearts one more time this 2017! Excited yet? I know I am. In fact, I am SO excited I already have tickets to two shows. Heh.

About The Show

Sa Wakas is a critically acclaimed, homegrown musical based on the songs of one of the country’s most beloved rock bands, Sugarfree. Co-written by Andrei Nikolai Pamintuan and Mariane Abuan, with the music beautifully arranged by Ejay Yatco, Sa Wakas was one of the first to bring together the world of pop rock and theater in one
groundbreaking musical. The show is created and produced by Charissa Pammit and is presented with the Manila Fringe Festival. Lighting design will be done by Miguel Panganiban, while Julian Vincent Cayabyab will design the set.

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Gabbi - Justine PeñaThe Story


A bittersweet story set in contemporary Manila, Sa Wakas raises the timeless question of “why relationships fall apart.” What makes the show unique is its unconventional perspective, adopting an inverse chronology wherein the narrative begins at the end of the crushing breakup and works its agonizing way backwards to the relationship’s
starry-eyed beginning.

The Music

Sugarfree was an alternative rock group led by Ebe Dancel that gave us beloved hits such as Mariposa, Burnout, ‘Wag Ka Nang Umiyak, Hari ng Sablay and Makita Kang Muli. Though the group disbanded in 2011, their music still resonates today and will forever be cherished by its legions of fans.

Topper - Vic RobinsonSa Wakas, which incidentally is also the title of the band’s first album, aims to re-introduce these heart-wrenching songs to a new generation and present it with a fresh and distinct “Broadway-fied” sound. The only original song in the musical, Bawat Daan, was composed by Ebe Dancel three years ago as a central song for the show and was released recently as a single for Star Records. It swept at this year’s Awit Awards including Song of the Year, Best Inspirational Recording, and Best Song Written for a Movie/TV/Stage Play.

I had the privilege of attending Sa Wakas‘ press preview at the Pineapple Lab last Tuesday (December 13), and while I was able to take some videos of the performances, my angles were horrible (since I wasn’t able to get the best seat in the house, heh). Thank God for Theater Fans Manila though–because their videos are so much better. Here they are, in case you want to give some of the featured songs a listen.

[ 1 ] Vic Robinson (as Topper) and Cara Barredo (as Lexi) perform Prom, the couple’s “honeymoon stage” anthem.

[ 2 ] Ikaw Pala, as performed by Vic Robinson and Maronne Cruz (as Gabbi). In this song, the characters develop some sort of mutual attraction for each other, even as Topper is still in a relationship with Lexi.

[ 3 ] Vic Robinson and Caisa Borromeo (as Lexi) read a short new excerpt off the musical before segue-ing to this performance of ‘Wag Ka Nang Umiyak.

[ 4 ] Maronne Cruz sings her heart out with Mariposa.

[ 5 ] Bawat Daan, performed by the rest of the cast.

Topper - Pepe HerreraThe Cast

The company is proud to have in its roster some of the best and most talented young stars of Philippine theater.

The lead character, Topper, will be alternately played by Gawad Buhay Award winner Pepe Herrera (PETA’s Rak of Aegis) and Gawad Buhay Award nominee Vic Robinson (Cornerstone Entertainment’s Ako si Josephine).

The role of Lexi will be played by Gawad Buhay Award winner Caisa Borromeo (Repertory Philippines’ Little Women) and Cara Barredo (Repertory Philippines’ A Little Princess).

Gabbi - Maronne CruzFree-spirited Gabbi will be played by Maronne Cruz (Cornerstone Entertainment’s Ako si Josephine) and Justine Peña (Resorts World Manila’s Cinderella).

Also coming back as part of the lovable ensemble are Abi Sulit and Hans Dimayuga. Joining them are Laui Guico and Moira Lozada.

Can I just say–I am SUPER excited to see Pepe Herrera do this role because it’s so different from jologs Villa Venizia boatman Tolits or the laugh-out-loud Ang Probinsyano sidekick Benny. I haven’t seen the first run of Sa Wakas, but from what I understand, Topper’s character is somewhat of a brooding artist who eventually feels like he’s being underappreciated by his girlfriend who is a doctor. Can you say ANGST? Oh, I’d love to see angsty Pepe Herrera. And while the song arrangements I’ve been hearing so far are less rock and more “Broadway-fied,” I’m looking forward to hear him sing my favorite Sugarfree songs. Maybe rock out to them if the arrangement allowed. EEEEEEEE this fangirl cannot wait.

Lexi - Cara Barredo Additionally, I’ve seen Maronne Cruz in Godspell and Ako si Josephine and she was amazing in both so I’m also very excited to see her bring Gabbi to life. Justine Peña was sweet but a bit rebellious as Dianne in 3 Stars and a Sun; I’d love to see what she brings to the table as Gabbi as well. And Abi Sulit is also part of the cast! It’ll be her last production before she goes back to med school, so I’m very happy that I’ll be able to watch her again on stage for the last time… for now, that is. ^_^ As I’ve said earlier, I already have tickets to two shows–here’s hoping I’d be able to see both casts do their thing!

Show Details

Sa Wakas will have its much-awaited second run starting January 12, 2017 at the Power Mac Spotlight Theater in Circuit Makati. For tickets and other information, visit

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