{ Short & Tweet } Episode One

Thought of putting together amusing tweets I’ve posted, faved, and RT-ed recently. Ya know, for posterity. πŸ˜› Let’s start with this one because… COME ON. I know it’s like a month ago but come. on.

Best thing about this tweet?


To be honest, I have the biggest crush on Aaron Tveit, but sometimes Manny Montana just makes my heart flutter. I think it’s that drawl. So adorable. <3

The hashtag I read through this week. There was so muchΒ truth in it.

And then there were rather surprising things.

But four days later, I’m still stuck with the same word count, and will possibly be scrapping a couple hundred of them because reasons.

A question of mine was met with this reply:

Which, of course, excited me a whole damn lot. ^_^ I’m looking forward to this adventure . . . hopefully I could start it off soon. Like perhaps next month?

Lastly . . .


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