The 16 Sweetest Moments of 2016


Honestly, I hadn’t really planned on writing a yearender blog post for reasons that are relatively mababaw (i.e. my internet connection S U C K S here in Baguio City), but I thought it would be nice to cap this mostly WTF year with a look back at the moments I was most thankful for. After all, happiness stems from having a grateful heart, right?

And so without further ado, here are the 16 sweetest moments of my 2016.

1. Being able to write for kids. (Bayong ng Kuting Workshop, January 2016)

Being able to write is, in itself, a blessing, but at the end of 2015, I decided to challenge myself and enroll in the Bayong ng Kuting Workshop. The workshop required us to craft an original children’s story around the Bayong ng Kuting universe. And if you think writing children’s lit is easy, think. again. No news yet about our submissions, but no matter the outcome, I’m so glad I took on this challenge. ^_^

2. Dipping my toes in uncharted waters. (#romanceclass @ Komiket, February 2016)

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Another first for #romanceclass and myself was being one of the participating merchants at the Komiket, an event that featured and celebrated indie komiks and the talented people behind them. We probably stood out like a sore thumb then, selling romance novels alongside comicbooks and art, but it had been fun, and we actually sold books! I believe this was where the idea for #4 came up (though I could be wrong, heh).

BONUS ROUND: I met Manix Abrera for the first time in this event! He is SO COOL. <3

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#AprilFeelsDay? More like #AfterFeelsDay

First of all, let me tell you this. I use a lot of social media every day, and whenever I get exhausted and completely turned off by election-related hostility, the #AprilFeelsDay tag on Instagram has now become my refuge. Why? Because…

*dreamy sigh*

Isn’t it so beautiful? Yeah, let’s take a good, long moment to scan through those photos and videos once again, because God knows I haven’t had enough of them yet. I’m also stalling because I don’t know where to begin with this recap, if it could even be called such.

If you’ve missed it by the way, here are #AprilFeelsDay recaps from Mina, Chi, April, AnaCarla, Ron, and Krissy.

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Time to Hoard More Books!

Curious as to which #romanceclass titles will be available on Sunday’s #AprilFeelsDay event? Here’s a partial and unofficial list of books you’ll be able to buy at the venue, so get those wallets ready!

by Mina V. Esguerra

  • Learning to Fall – P275
  • My Imaginary Ex – P150
  • That Kind of Guy – P175
  • Welcome to Envy Park – P185
  • The Harder We Fall – P185
  • Never Just Friends – P185

by Six de los Reyes

  • Beginner’s Guide – P370
  • Just for the Record – P220

by Carla de Guzman

  • Cities – P300
  • We Go Together – P200

by Agay Llanera

  • Choco Chip Hips – P200
  • This Side of Sunny – P215

by C.P. Santi

  • When Cocoy Became Kikay – P190
  • Be Careful What You Wish For – P290

by Ana Tejano

  • Fall Like Rain – P250

by Tara Frejas (That’s me!)

  • Paper Planes Back Home – P250
  • The “Forget You” Brew – P200

by Yeyet Soriano

  • Turning Points P330
  • In My Dreams P240

by Jay E. Tria

  • Blossom Among Flowers – P280
  • Majesty – P200
  • Songs of Our Breakup – P250
  • Songs to Get Over You – P250

by Kesh Tanglao

  • The Real Score – P250 (P350 if bundled with an eBook copy of (un)breakable)

by Chi Yu Rodriguez

  • The ByeBye Bouquet – P220

by Chrissie Peria

  • All’s Fair in Blog and War – P200

by Ansela Corsino

  • The Billionaire’s Price – P350

by Miles Tan

  • Finding X – P200

by Arlene Manocot

  • Yearning for the One (Poem Anthology) – P180

Please be reminded that most of these books come in limited quantities, so come to the venue early to be able to buy your copies. Or you can always arrange for reservations with the authors through Facebook or Twitter.

Aren’t you glad it’s payday weekend?

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April Fools? Nah, April FEELS!

Get your feels ready, because #romanceclass is preparing to serve up loads this coming April! The very first #AprilFeelsDay is happening on April 17, 2016 (that’s a Sunday) at Pegi Waffles, San Juan, Metro Manila–and YOU are cordially invited!

Yes, whether you’re an author, a reader, an artist, or simply someone who has feelings, you are very welcome to join us. A number of activities are in store for you, including #romanceclass live reading, spoken word poetry, romance writing and publishing Q&A, book launches, selling and signing, and even tarot card reading! Entrance fee is P200, inclusive of free snacks and a book (available until supplies last). Now, if that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will.

Questions? Here’s an FAQs page for your reference.

In anticipation for #AprilFeelsDay, come join our Photo a Day Challenge which starts TODAY! Check this out:


Follow Romance Class Books on Instagram for more details on the daily challenge, and don’t forget to use the hashtags #romanceclass and #AprilFeelsDay each time you’re posting your challenge. I’m excited to see everyone’s posts . . . and of course, more excited to see you on April 17!

Coming to #AprilFeelsDay? PRE-REGISTER HERE!

My #AprilFeelsDay #photoaday challenge entries are under the cut! ^_^

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