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SAVE THE DATE: August 1, 2020 / Saturday / 3:00 PM

Keep us in mind for tickets! Our Ticket2Me page will be up very soon, but you may direct inquiries to the numbers above.


Maxie The Musical tells the story of an effeminate, adolescent boy Maxie growing up in the slums of Manila, and who is deeply loyal to his family of petty thieves. His world revolves around taking care of his father Paco and two brothers Bogs and Boy, who love and protect him. When Maxie meets a young, handsome, and idealistic policeman Victor, the two quickly form a friendship and Maxie begins to realize that he can have a better life, which soon incurs the ire and disapproval of Maxie’s family. Torn between his emerging affection for Victor and unquestioning devotion to his father and brothers, Maxie The Musical┬áis a tale of lost innocence and redemption amidst poverty and corruption.

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