#RomanceClass x Ayala Museum: A GIF + Video Post

First things first: Please DO NOT expect much coherence from this post. I know, I know. I’m a writer… I should at least manage to string together some decent words, yes? But Too Many Feelings and Too Few Hours of Sleep can do things to the brain, so… anyway.

February 11 was another day of firsts for #romanceclass. Let me enumerate them:

  • First time holding an event at the Ayala Museum
  • First time having six actors live read scenes from our books
  • First time having a How to Write a Romance Novel lecture read by the live readers
  • First time having a three-way live reading
  • First time having Vanya Castor as a live reader

Did I miss anything?

I probably did.

So yeah, anyway… we did a lot of other stuff before the live reading. That included book and merch selling, eating FREE cookies (thanks, Abbie! :D), browsing new books at the Book Cafe (thanks Caryn! :D), finding book blind dates, and playing games. To be honest, I only had two hours of sleep prior to the event, but the energy in the room (where it happened) kept me going.

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See you at the Ayala Museum!

bitter x sweet books by tara frejas
Limited copies of Paper Planes Back Home, The “Forget You” Brew, Scandalized, and Settle the Score / Hustle Play will be available at the #romanceclass event at the Ayala Museum next Saturday, February 11.

We have less than a week to go before #romanceclass’ event at the Ayala Museum, and this is me inviting you all again to come join the fun! Here’s a list of what to expect:

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#RomanceClass X Ayala Museum + First Timer Survival Tips

EventPoster RomanceClass Ayala Museum

Oh my god, we’re back again.
(Brothers, sisters, everybody sing.)

No, seriously. #RomanceClass is having another fun ~feelsy event at the Ayala Museum on Saturday, February 11, 2017, from 10am to 6pm! Check out the poster above for some of the activities in store for you. I say some because there will be more, we’re just finalizing stuff… and maybe we just want to surprise you. Hee~ ^_^

Entrance fee is P225 for adults/non-students and P125 for students. Students, please bring your IDs or else you’ll be wasting away your student discount. Pandagdag rin yan sa pambili niyo ng libro, chos!

So, anyway–we’ve been very happy to see that more and more people are discovering the #romanceclass writing community through different channels. Some find us online via blogger recommendations, some find our books at book stores and specialty/novelty shops, some get recommendations from friends/family. No matter how you heard of us, we are very, very grateful for your enthusiasm and support. And I know we will be meeting some of you for the first time on February 11, so I put together a list of “survival tips” so you’ll be able to enjoy your first #romanceclass bookish event.

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