BLOG TOUR: #DarkestDreams Author Interview | Therese Barleta

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Today is the last day of the #StrangeLit #DarkestDreams blog tour, and the last day to be able to purchase the bundle (10 stories in one!) for only P45! For my stop, I am featuring an interview with the author of When it Rains in Mystic River, Therese Barleta.

When it Rains in Mystic River

Whenever sirens sound off, Naomi is always worried that Seth is somewhere being chased by the police, if not already gunned down by rival gangs that pollute the south side of Boston. “Please help me just this one last time,” Seth would always tell her, but Naomi just wants to live a normal life as a pretend human being, not Seth’s Encantada girlfriend who always bails him out of his shady dealings. As soon as Seth finds an out from this life he’s known forever, he takes the opportunity before Naomi can even say no. How could she when this is the exit they’ve both been waiting for? Or is it a shortcut to their doom?

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Therese and I didn’t get to do a face-to-face interview, so Keyword Q&A wasn’t an option. This interview was done entirely via Google Docs (one of our favorite online resources), snuck in between answering e-mails and doing other work-related tasks.

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