#AprilFeelsDay? More like #AfterFeelsDay

First of all, let me tell you this. I use a lot of social media every day, and whenever I get exhausted and completely turned off by election-related hostility, the #AprilFeelsDay tag on Instagram has now become my refuge. Why? Because…

*dreamy sigh*

Isn’t it so beautiful? Yeah, let’s take a good, long moment to scan through those photos and videos once again, because God knows I haven’t had enough of them yet. I’m also stalling because I don’t know where to begin with this recap, if it could even be called such.

If you’ve missed it by the way, here are #AprilFeelsDay recaps from Mina, Chi, April, AnaCarla, Ron, and Krissy.

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Are you ready to get Scandalized?

In April of last year, I joined my very first (non-academic) writing workshop under Mina V. Esguerra’s guidance, #SparkNA. The goal was to finish a contemporary New Adult manuscript of no less than 20,000 words in a span of 2 months. It was a tall order, but worth a shot.

One year later, here I am, making preparations to release the fruit of that workshop. But while final touches are being done to the manuscript, cover, and everything in between–here’s a little something I made for East Genesis Project, the Korean pop-rock band featured in my book, Scandalized.

More to come, SOON! ^_^

P.S. If you come to #AprilFeelsDay this coming Sunday (April 17), I’ll have some tiny Scandalized stuff to give away. So see you there!

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My #FilReaderCon Feels

I revisited (part of) my old alma mater last Saturday, November 28, for my very first Filipino ReaderCon experience, and to say that I was overwhelmed is an understatement. Granted, it took me several years to return to DLSU-Manila, but I still wasn’t prepared for how different it looked. The Henry Sy Sr. Building was HUGE. Escalators and elevators were everywhere. When I attended college there more than ten years back, the only buildings that had an elevator (if memory serves me right) were the Saint Joseph and SPS Buildings. Gokongwei? Not so sure; I didn’t frequent that area of the campus even if there was a walkway connecting it to Miguel.

Anyway, I digress.

This year marks the 5th year of #FilReaderCon, and I am so glad to have been part of it. I would’ve loved to have participated in more of the sessions, but I was happy to have spent time at the #romanceclass booth anyway, helping to sell and restock books. Also buy them.

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