The 16 Sweetest Moments of 2016


Honestly, I hadn’t really planned on writing a yearender blog post for reasons that are relatively mababaw (i.e. my internet connection S U C K S here in Baguio City), but I thought it would be nice to cap this mostly WTF year with a look back at the moments I was most thankful for. After all, happiness stems from having a grateful heart, right?

And so without further ado, here are the 16 sweetest moments of my 2016.

1. Being able to write for kids. (Bayong ng Kuting Workshop, January 2016)

Being able to write is, in itself, a blessing, but at the end of 2015, I decided to challenge myself and enroll in the Bayong ng Kuting Workshop. The workshop required us to craft an original children’s story around the Bayong ng Kuting universe. And if you think writing children’s lit is easy, think. again. No news yet about our submissions, but no matter the outcome, I’m so glad I took on this challenge. ^_^

2. Dipping my toes in uncharted waters. (#romanceclass @ Komiket, February 2016)

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Another first for #romanceclass and myself was being one of the participating merchants at the Komiket, an event that featured and celebrated indie komiks and the talented people behind them. We probably stood out like a sore thumb then, selling romance novels alongside comicbooks and art, but it had been fun, and we actually sold books! I believe this was where the idea for #4 came up (though I could be wrong, heh).

BONUS ROUND: I met Manix Abrera for the first time in this event! He is SO COOL. <3

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We Let the #FeelsRushIn, All Right!

So–yep. This happened over the weekend.

Video © Chi Yu Rodriguez

First of all, if there’s one thing I learned about #romanceclass through this event, it’s that you only have to say “#RomanceClass–ASSEMBLE!” and that’s it. Everyone who’s able to lend a bit of time to help put together a Thing in an extremely short amount of time (TEN frickin’ DAYS, people) WILL go out of their way to do so. Sure, we may have been able to do so much more given ample preparation time, but Saturday’s turnout wasn’t bad. We sold books, served feels, and had a lot of good, (somewhat) clean fun. ^_^

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#FeelsRushIn this Saturday!

And we are at it AGAIN! #RomanceClass is having another bookish event on Saturday, July 23, from 3:00-6:00 PM at the Trinoma Cinema Lobby (4/F Trinoma Mall, Quezon City) and you are invited! Here’s what you need to know:

  • There will be book selling! If you missed #AprilFeelsDay, or have been planning to buy prints of #romanceclass releases after April, this is your chance! Check this graphic to see the titles available on that day.


  • Fun merch! Aside from books, there will be tables selling shirts, bags, stickers, and other cool stuff. Make sure to bring extra pocket money!
  • Live reading! Of course this is a must. Watch out for a new lineup of kilig scenes from #romanceclass books to be performed by our live readers. (Hint! Hint! Live reading will start at around 4:30PM.)
  • Donate a book, get an eBook! We’re working in partnership with Ayala’s Little Free Library, and they are encouraging us to donate old books (any genre, any type will do as long as they’re still decent enough to read). As our way of thanking you, we’re offering free #romanceclass eBooks in exchange for your donations. You may choose from the bundle below:


Oh, and did I mention entrance is FREE? Yeap. Entrance is FREE. So, shall we see you on Saturday? Kitakits! <3

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