{ Book Review } Loveless. Childless. Clueless. | Miren B. Flores

cover-lovelessStanding amidst the wreckage of a fifteen-year relationship, Anna finds herself single, unmarried, childless and, at the rickety age of thirty-five, trying desperately to pick up the pieces.

There’s a lot of crying and punching, a trip or two, and a list of things to do and be to get her self back. There’s the heady scent of a (possible) spankin’ new man sparring with the memory of the boy who first captured her heart—and may have stomped all over it.

But what would she know? After all, here she is—loveless, childless, and totally, utterly clueless.

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What Drew Me In

Honestly, this book had been sitting in my Kindle app for far too long now and I found myself finally browsing it while on a work break. I’d initially been drawn by the word “thirty-five” on the synopsis because it’s kind of rare for me now to read romance stories with thirty-something year olds as MCs. I guess it intrigued me to read a romance in the perspective of an MC who’s not a teenager or in their early twenties, and well, here it was.

(Please do note that while I have been doing reviews on #romanceclass books lately, I am admittedly not very well read in this genre. I am, however, trying to change that though the chances of me reviewing romance books which aren’t written by Filipino authors are very slim at the moment.)

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