When I say range, I mean Song Joongki

Because I’m kinda not yet over My Name is Loh Kiwan, I’mma flex my boy right here. 🙂 I think Song Joongki is one of the best actors of his generation, and his body of work speaks for itself. I also love how he stretches himself at every turn, taking opportunities to work on new characters, new genres, and new directors/actors.

Love this nine-and-a-half minute feature of some of his work available on Netflix*. Check it out! <3

*Some of the shows/films featured might not be available in some territories.

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Tara’s Thoughts On: My Name is Loh Kiwan

“Does someone like me even deserve happiness?”

I spent the last few days ruminating on my review for this film because there were so many aspects I wanted to comment on and very little time (and energy, tbh) to actually write something down. So here’s an attempt to encapsulate all of my feelings for Song Joongki’s latest film.

WARNING: Mild spoilers ahead.

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