Tara’s Three Things, Vol. 1

Tara's Three Things, Vol. 1

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Man…I had so many plans at the beginning of this year, but as usual, life has a way of realigning things for you without asking for permission.

Anyway, quick story time.

Back in April, I contracted COVID-pneumonia despite limiting my outdoor activities to the occasional grocery shopping, receiving deliveries, and throwing trash out. Both my parents tested positive as well, and apart from taking medication, the doctor we consulted advised that we isolate for two weeks.

A tall order, considering there were six of us in this two-bedroom household.

The two-week isolation got extended to a month, and I spent those days mostly lying in bed and hoping my oxygen levels don’t drop to dangerous levels. I could have read books, watched new shows, listened to podcasts…but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I tried writing too, but I wasn’t very successful in that area either.

I kept telling myself it’s okay. I needed to rest and recuperate first, and then I can do everything I’ve been wanting to do. But here I am, months later, and I still couldn’t find my writing mojo.

I thought perhaps writing you all a letter might unlock something, so here goes.

We’re going on lockdown again in a few days (the government insists on not calling it a lockdown, but that’s what it is), and it really just feels like we’re back to zero these days. It’s exhausting, right? And really, sometimes it’s difficult to feel good about things…

So I decided to do Tara’s Three Things, AKA my (hopefully) regular notes to you about the things I’m into, the things that make/made me smile, and the things I’m looking forward to. Maybe (I’m crossing my fingers!) you’ll find joy in them, too.

Let’s start?

Thing #1: Rak of Aegis Online

Bet you thought I’d stop talking about Rak of Aegis now that theatres are closed and mass gatherings aren’t allowed? Mmm. Think again!

Rak of Aegis is back! On streaming! For a limited time!

They actually “opened” last Saturday, July 31, but they’re going to be streaming again for two more days—Saturday, August 7 and Sunday, August 8. If you’ve always wanted to watch this musical but couldn’t for some reason, or if you’re curious about it, please please please do yourself a favor and buy a ticket today. The show is in Tagalog, but the team behind it provided English subtitles for audiences around the world.

Here’s a long, rambly review I did for the musical back in 2015.

Bonus: Every ticket you buy helps the PETA Theater Center fund their projects and advocacies (which has become increasingly challenging because of the pandemic). Get a 24-hour access ticket to the musical here!

Thing #2: Mangkakahoy on IG

One of my recent happy purchases is this standing desk I bought from an Instagram seller called Mangkakahoy, who creates various wood furniture from retaso wood.

All the sitting and lying down I did during my bout with COVID made me feel extra sluggish, so I felt it was time to get myself a standing desk (I’ve always wanted one anyway). I got this large desk for P1,900 (+P150 delivery fee), and I’ve loved using it ever since!

Thing #3: SB19’s Pagsibol

I’ve been a casual listener of SB19’s music since seeing their rehearsal video for Go Up sometime last year (they’re really good!), and now I’m loving their new recently released EP Pagsibol. The album is available on Spotify if you’re curious, but it’s got a nice variety of tunes. Hard to pick a favorite, but there’s WHAT? for when you want a picker-upper, MAPA if you’re feeling a bit sentimental, and SLMT for feel-good vibes.

Oh and yeah—check out their Get in the Zone album, too!

That’s it for this week’s three things! Feel free to reply with your three things, if you’d like…and I’ll see you again soon.

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