Tara’s Three Things, Vol. 2

It’s September! My gosh, how is it possible for time to fly and feel so painfully slow at the same time? Soon (if not already) we’ll be hearing Christmas songs being played left and right, and yet a bunch of us are still stuck at home, trying our best not to get sick.

Quick health update!

I got my second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine mid-August, and my parents had theirs the week after. My sister also got her first dose last month (she got Pfizer), and she’ll be fully vaccinated come next week. I hope you also have gotten vaccinated, or will be soon—an extra layer of protection wouldn’t hurt.

Anyway, I shared three things I was into last time, and I bring you three more things this month.

Thing #1: My Time at Portia

Two weeks ago, this game I’ve had on my Nintendo Online wishlist went on sale, and I snapped it up so quickly my dormant Paypal account must have wondered what the heck was going on. Haha!

My Time at Portia is a role-playing adventure game set in a fictional village named Portia. You assume the role of a Builder and help the village improve their way of life by building various things like furniture, bridges, water wheels, and so forth. I thought it was a charming little game that I could get into, especially since you can build relationships with the villagers and even romance them!

Ehem—speaking of romance:

My Time At Portia screenshots - A Strong Man's Adventure

That’s me (I named my character Kalila) and Arlo, the leader of the Civil Corps. These screenshots are from A Strong Man’s Adventure side mission, which is also our first date after I asked him to be my boyfriend. LOL look at me, so brave asking someone to be my boyfriend.

Oh, and by the way, we got married!

My Time at Portia screenshots - Kalila and Arlo wedding

*insert squealing here*

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying My Time at Portia despite the numerous glitches I’ve encountered while playing. It’s a pretty chill game (except when you receive a commission and have to finish it within a deadline lol) and something you might appreciate if you’re into role-playing and simulation games. It’s got a bit of everything: building, cooking, farming, animal husbandry, monsters, etc! Can’t wait for my next mission! ^_^

My Time at Portia is available on Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4, Steam, Android and iOS.

Thing #2: Hometown ChaChaCha

In case you didn’t know, I’m a Seonhohada (Kim Seonho fan), and it made me happy to learn he was cast as the lead for a drama called Hometown ChaChaCha. Yep. No more of that second lead syndrome pain for me! *cough* Start-Up *cough*

Anyway, Hometown ChaChaCha premiered last Saturday, August 28 and it’s been nice so far. It’s being marketed as a slice-of-life “healing drama,” so I’m expecting something chill and fun, with a sprinkle of emotional moments here and there. I’m also expecting romance (I mean…with a poster LIKE THAT, who wouldn’t?) between Kim Seonho and Shin Minah’s characters, and I’m happy to say the first two episodes have already shown us how wonderful their on-screen chemistry is. I can’t wait for them to fall in love already!

Watch Hometown ChaChaCha on Netflix

Other dramas I’ve been enjoying at the moment are Hospital Playlist Season 2 and Into The Ring. Both are on Netflix if you’d like to check them out. ^_^

Thing #3: #RomanceClass Kilig Cafe

We’ve rebranded and officially launched #RomanceClass Kilig Cafe last month!

Kilig Cafe is our new official online hangout, and I’m so happy we were able to “meet” our #romanceclass friends these past few weeks. Catching up with them, hearing their stories, and simply seeing their faces on screen gave me a much needed boost, and I hope those who tuned in had fun, too!

In case you missed it, here are the streams we did in August:

Would You Rather? with the #RomanceClassFlicker Team

Beta Readers & Editors – How Your Book Can Be Better With Both

Real MDs React to Fictional MDs

There will be more Kilig Cafe Chats this month, so if this is something you’re into, please stay tuned for announcements soon. ^_^ And, oh—before I forget, we’re doing a little survey for a Kilig Cafe livestream featuring our favorite romance book covers. I’d appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to answer!

Take me to the survey!

As always, feel free to leave a comment and share whatever you’d like. Looking forward to your happy things!

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