What If We Fall In Love: A Short Story Collection

In case you missed the announcements on my social media accounts (and newsletter), my latest #romanceclass book What If We Fall In Love? is coming out on Saturday, December 31st—and yes, you may pre-order it now!

What If We Fall In Love? is a collection of three short stories, two of which are new, and one previously published as part of #romanceclass’ NomCom: A Foodie Romance Anthology, published in February of this year.

Story #1 is Do Me A Favor, a fake-dating romance short featuring work colleagues Manuel and Jamia. She’s his office crush, but hasn’t really found the courage to ask her out until he needed someone to come with him to his cousin’s wedding. Fortunately, he holds a “favor card” from Jamia, and decides to use it for the occasion.

The second story is Your Heart, To Go (part of the NomCom anthology), about Paz, a newbie food truck entrepreneur, and Jako/Coby, food truck park maintenance man who were actually neighbors in their hometown in Bicol many years ago. He’s liked her since he was a teen, but only now does he feel like he can shoot his shot.

Lastly, Aki Fell First is a college besties-to-lovers slow burn romance that involves an unwritten marriage pact. Bonnie, who’s a work-from-home employee, crashes at Aki’s place after an ISP fail, and the proximity forces Aki to confront his long-repressed feelings for her.

All stories are Heat Level 3 by #romanceclass standards, so I hope this helps warm you up this holiday season~!

You may pre-order your copy of What If We Fall In Love for only $1.99 here!


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