Work & Play: Sleepless nights are made of these . . .

It’s finally happened: Work has officially slain my writing mojo. That doesn’t mean I can’t CPR the shit out of it, though. I’m just so tired to think of anything, even if I’m pressured to come up with a plot for my next class this coming August. Sigh.


My first block screening event is finally over! There’s a lot to say about putting up this thing, but the place for that is on post-event reports and production meetings, so I’ll leave them there. What I can say, however, is that it was quite the experience. The last time I’ve been on my toes for about the same amount of time was when we produced the Koala’s March Grand Family Day event at SM Mall of Asia . . . and that was in November! It’s just too bad I didn’t lose weight over all the running I did, heh.

Also, I wish I could spazz over Jurassic World properly, but I only kind of saw 50% of the movie since I had to go in and out of the cinema to take care of business. I could tell you, however, that Chris Pratt was hot and I was just swooning inside every time his Henley-wearing ass was on-screen. <3 I also kind of freaked out a couple of times over some scenes involving the Indominus Rex, and thought the special effects were pretty darn neat.

What made me happier though, was that my friends came to support our event. After all the arm-twisting (I’m kidding . . . sort of) I did t get them to buy tickets, a bunch of them really came to watch the movie and take part in our event, which made me so grateful. My friends are the best. I was really, really tired and all–and I felt like I pulled a muscle towards the end of the night, even–but seeing them all smiling after the movie was reward enough. Oh, and yeah, my family got free tickets and freebies too, so that was a treat for them as well.

We are taking a break for the month of July (yes, our Minions block screening is cancelled) and will be back in August for Inside Out. I’m very excited for that. <3

Favorite Jurassic World Block Screening Moments

  1. Being able to see a cinema projection room and experience how it is up there. Sure, the projection rooms now might be more modern, but it’s still a fun experience to see it.
  2. Getting lots of sponsor freebies.
  3. Getting congratulated by my boss after the event. ^^v

Fastforward to a week later, when I found myself at Makati Shangri-La, at the registration table for Gift of Yoga, an event organized by SIFCare for International Yoga Day.

Now I’m not a yoga practitioner, but I have long been interested about it because it seems20150621_110548[1] like a very tame and peaceful way of working out, and yet the people I know who do yoga really have some strong upper bodies and I kind of envy that. I tend to procrastinate a lot about something when I’m busy with other things (i.e. I’m busy with work, hence, I do not have time for exercise) and I have been looking for some kind of workout to keep my body in shape. I hoped to learn yoga so that I could perhaps start practicing it, but as it turns out, I became so busy receiving guests for the event and documenting things that I could only watch over a hundred participants be all awesome.

Yeah, I’m kind of jealous.

But anyway, Gift of Yoga was a great success, thanks to all our sponsors and the very enthusiastic people who came to participate in the event. I still am hoping I could get to try yoga someday, but for now I’ll have to exercise my fingers first. Over business proposals and collateral designs.

Maybe some writing. Hopefully some writing.

Favorite Gift of Yoga Moments

  1. Seeing old colleagues come in to join the event. I know I put the ad up on Facebook, but no one really replied or RSVP-ed me so I was pleasantly surprised to see them there. ^^
  2. The freebies!!! (Oh no, I have become a freebie addict!)
  3. Hearing people say we did a great job. <3

SIFCare is going to be organizing another event this July, so it’s going to be a very, very busy several weeks ahead for me. I really, really wish I could get some good night’s sleep for now, but even that’s kind of wishful thinking because my boss just told me we already need to crank things up for our December event. Phew.

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