Second Wave Summer

Title: Second Wave Summer
Published by: Six de los Reyes, Tara Frejas, Jay E. Tria
Release Date: May 19, 2018
Genre: ,
Pages: 107

All roads lead back to beachside music festival Summer Crush for another weekend of high waves, rock & roll, and the promise of summer romance. 

On any given day, Michael Brian doesn’t need to do much to hit the right notes with a girl, but there’s something about this day—and something about this girl—that’s got him out of tune. (A Taste of Summer, Six delos Reyes)

Indie filmmaker Datu puts on his dusty event videographer hat for Summer Crush. But memories of a love he let slip away resurface from every corner of this surf town. Now what he thought would be an easy job just isn't so easy anymore. (Rushes, Tara Frejas)

Corporate-highflyer-on-vacation Ringo has a question to which cookie bar boss woman Kris has the answer, if only they’d stop getting in each other’s way. (Ask Me Nicely, Jay E. Tria)

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I love that Six, Tara and Jay are able to make their universes and characters collide into this one fun and exciting series. I'm very much looking forward to more "Summer Crush" festivals to come in the next 5-10 years!

Mabel, book blogger


What I loved the most about this was its setting and how the setting was cleverly maximized. I haven’t gone to La Union in ages, but reading this book really made me feel like I was there, enjoying my own plate of delicious bagnet (yep, I’m more of a bagnet girl than a champorado fan, sorry), listening to the soothing sounds of waves kissing the shoreline, and enjoying the summer wind in my hair.

Shealea, book blogger

A Taste of Summer is a love story waiting to happen.

Rushes is braving the currents of reality to claim a love worth fighting for.

Ask Me Nicely is love winning over the technicalities that make a relationship complicated.

Love finds you when you least expect it. Love makes a way for two people to meet again. Love hears the truth in your heart and lets you grow.

Second Wave Summer is love doing its magic.

Fay, book blogger and author of All About That Bass (from Summer Feels)