How many firsts can you squeeze in a year? A LOT, apparently.

First things first: From my family to yours, a very happy new year. I wish we all have an amazingly blessed 2016. <3

Happy New Year!

And now for a proper yearender post.

I already knew something good was going to happen in 2015 even before the year began. In December of 2014, I found this Wattpad post by author Mina V. Esguerra about being an “Author-at-Once” and I expressed my intent to join it. My holiday vacation was then spent editing a manuscript I’d finished earlier in the year, and come January, I was ready to get it published.

And that publishing workshop opened so many, many doors for me. Doors that led to new knowledge, connections, opportunities, and friendships. If there was a word I’d use to describe 2015, it would be OVERWHELMING, because I sure wasn’t prepared for All The Things and All The Feelings this year threw at me.

(Am I complaining? Hell no.)

So, I’m listing my firsts this year–because I’d like to look back and be thankful for them, and start working on a plan to make this new year just as awesome, or even better.

  1. Published my book, Paper Planes Back Home, digitally (January) and on print (July).
  2. Wrote and submitted short stories for digital release (#TalesFromTheMetro, March/August). These shorts will soon be available on Buqo as well.
  3. Joined an NA online writing workshop (#SparkNA, April) and managed to finish a novel-length manuscript in June.
  4. Attended a book launch/signing event: Mina’s Sparkbooks launch (May).
  5. Joined another writing workshop for the paranormal/urban fantasy genre (#StrangeLit, August) and got my novella, The “Forget You” Brew, bundled with nine others, released in September.
  6. Sold print copies of my books at Eastwood during their Books & Brews event (September). Joined a group of awesome writers in selling books via Uniqube (November).
  7. Attended the Manila International Book Fair as an author, also in September. BONUS: Got asked to sign books. (Eeeeeee! /dies)
  8. Got invited to become part of a #romanceclass session, which was basically a feels trip. Thanks, Gio and Rachel. (The second session I attended was a sports romance discussion, with none other than my Gilas crush, Gabe Norwood. /dead)
  9. Had a blog tour (October)!
  10. Attended FilReaderCon (November), where I participated in an author speed dating event. (OMG.)

Wow. That’s a lot, isn’t it? I started the year with a simple publishing workshop and ended it as part of a thriving, generous, and extremely supportive writing community. What’s even more exciting is that I started a writing journey this year with my #ClingyGirls, and the experience wouldn’t have been as fun without them taking this ride with me.

For 2016, I already have a short list of plans as far as writing is concerned, and I’m crossing my fingers that my new job schedule will allow me more time to accomplish them. If not, I’ll wing it then. Been there, done that. Teehee.

To my fellow authors, let’s tell more stories in 2016! And to the readers who lovingly support Filipino authors, thank you so much! <3 Happy new year to you all, and may 2016 be kind. ^_^


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