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Welcome to the #RomanceClass Take Three Project, where I give #romanceclass readers and authors a monthly prompt/question and ask them to list down and briefly discuss their top three answers. This July, we had a pop-up event at Pegi Waffles, San Juan that focused on meet-cutes — AKA that thing where the MC and LI meet for the first time and give you your first dose of feels — and I thought what better way to kick off this project than to talk about just that!

For this first Take Three Project post, three avid readers tell us their three favorite #romanceclass meet-cutes. Check in and see if they’re your favorites too! (In case you haven’t yet read the books being mentioned, I’ve included links so you can check them out on our website: romanceclassbooks.com.)

KB’s Take Three

Book Title/Author: Love at First Run / Angel C. Aquino
Where the meet-cute happened: Track, in which MC stumbles and LI appears to help her
Why I liked it: It’s something that has happened to me and I can relate?! Not because I’m some kind of damsel in distress wannabe, but there’s something about vulnerability (on either part) when meet cutes happen that just makes me huhu

Book Title/Author: Ghost of a Feeling / Celestine Trinidad
Where the meet-cute happened: Rooftop aka ghost town~
Why I liked it: It’s something I’d like to happen to me haha. What? It’s a trip. You don’t imagine finding yourself in that situation, bu there you are. What’s meant to happen happens ang ganap~

Book Title/Author: Iris After the Incident / Mina V. Esguerra
Where the meet-cute happened: Stuck in an elevator (by Flo Rida haha jk)
Why I liked it: It’s something I’d also like to happen to me? Pero sana di ako mautot / or hindi gaya nung meet cute dun sa Set It Up! Sabi nga ni Rihanna, we find love in enclosed spaces… ay, mali pala hehe

KB is a book pusher and reading advocate from Davao City (Quezon City?! Ewan nakakalito na hahaha) who loves dramatic plot twists, sweet and steamy scenes, and happy ever afters. She has been reading #romanceclass novels since 2015 (if Mina’s Summit books are counted then that’s 2013) and currently has Second Wave Summer and Love and Other Questionable Choices on top of her TBR list. She wishes for #romanceclass to also go nationwide (nauna na kasi worldwide!)

Shai’s Take Three

Book Title/Author: You Out of Nowhere / Jay E. Tria
Where the meet-cute happened: MRT Southbound
Why I liked it: I always ride the LRT2, and never met a cute guy who was reading Pride and Prejudice. But Kris did! Spoiler alert, they were each other’s blind date!

Book Title/Author: Like Nobody’s Watching / Tara Frejas
Where the meet-cute happened: a bar (Carbon) in Ortigas
Why I liked it: Pio pretended to be the damsel in distress’ (which is Audrey) pretend boyfriend just to keep her safe from the predators following her. This is really my favorite, not that I really like Pio (hehe!), but the fact he’s concerned for a stranger’s safety and even helped her sober up after the scene, a real gentleman indeed. Thank you for keeping my standards high, Alvez.

Book Title/Author: Feels like Summer / Six de los Reyes
Where the meet-cute happened: Summer Storm
Why I liked it: She was Arabella’s frontman’s girlfriend for five minutes. For five minutes! If I were her, I would literally panic. She kept it cool and has Adrian swoon with a kiss. You go, girl!

Shai San Jose is a student from Marikina City, Philippines who loves the color yellow, creating art, and British accents. She has been reading #romanceclass novels since 2017 and currently has One Day Closer on top of her TBR list.

She wishes all the best and more power to the #romanceclass community, and hopes it continues to inspire and provide people kilig and feels with their books. She completely adores this community; they give the warmest welcome and never-ending support.

Fay’s Take Three

Book Title/Author:  You Out of Nowhere / Jay E. Tria
Where the meet-cute happened: MRT
Why I liked it: A boy reading on the train? ‘NUFF SAID. Ringo became a candidate for my book boyfriend of the year for 2017 because of that meet-cute. (Spoiler alert: he won the title!)

Book Title/Author:  Ghost of a Feeling / Celestine Trinidad
Where the meet-cute happened: Rooftop
Why I liked it: Not exactly cute because Cris was about to jump off the roof, but this meet-cute is life-changing and I’ll remember it forever.

Book Title/Author: Swept Off My Feet / Ines Bautista-Yao
Where the meet-cute happened: Dojo
Why I liked it: I just love how they fought over the dojo and then Bas eventually sees Geri dance and it’s love at first sight. Those two are so adorable and I love them. (P.S. Bas is my YA book boyfriend of the year for 2017!)

Fay is a book blogger from the Philippines who loves to read, to write, and to drink coffee. She has been reading #romanceclass novels since 2016 and currently has Iris After the Incident and No Strings Attached on top of her TBR list.

Have you read any #romanceclass books? Which ones have your favorite meet-cutes, and why did you love them? Post your answers in the comments section below, and let’s discuss!

P.S. The author edition of #RomanceClass Take Three is coming soon! ^_^

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