The “Forget You” Brew

the forget you brew coverTitle: The "Forget You" Brew
Published by: Tara Frejas
Contributors: Tara Frejas, Rix Forto, Tania Arpa
Release Date: January 28, 2016
Genre: , ,
Pages: 61

For 20-year old Kyle Thomson, nothing in the world is more terrifying than the prospect of telling Allison Jeon that he loves her. That is, until he finds out that this mystical café in a peculiar place called Nowheretown had served her a cup of afforgeto—a brew for forgetting—a drink she ordered intending to forget him. Hoping to reverse the spell, Kyle reluctantly teams up with a bunny-eared hopeless romantic and a badass barista to retrieve Allison’s memory jar from the Repository of the Intangible. But when stealing back forgotten memories doesn’t quite turn out as expected, Kyle is left with no choice but to conquer his biggest fear. 

Can the magic of Nowheretown supply him a fixer-upper, or will the magic in his steadfast heart be enough to grant them their happy ever after?

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"This is my first Frejas book, and reading it pretty much sealed the deal that she will be on my auto-buy list from here on out. The depth of her imagination grabs you from the first page. It feels real and magical at the same time, and it’s the kind of strong pull that moves you to turn the page, to hungrily go through each word and navigate through each plot twist."

Jay E. Tria, author of Majesty and Songs to get Over You

"Now here’s a quirky and fun read that would make you feel you’re watching a Studio Ghibli animated movie. What I loved about this novella: world-building, magic, and the characters of Nowheretown. And bunnies!

…and Tim. (Teehee!)"

Anne Plaza, Author of Bloodline Maharlika and Fall For Grace

"I’m not usually into shoujo (this would fall into that category if it were manga), but I liked how things were plotted out and how it ended. It was a really cute story and  I loved reading it."

Ren Mayari, Red Riding Hood’s Cloak

"This was a short read, yet it had affected me so much because almost every page made my heart stop. Either I’ve read something really interesting, or I’ve read something that is so me – THE RELATE FACTOR IS JUST !!!"

Fay Sebastian, book blogger, Bibliophile Soprano

"The imaginative Nowheretown with its colorful characters captured my heart. How I wish my feet would bring me to Kaipuhan café, have a chat with the badass barista and drink my fill of afforgeto."

Mabel, Goodreads review

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The "Forget You" Brew is part of the #romanceclass catalogue. Please support Filipino authors by buying their work and encouraging others to do the same! <3

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