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Hello, friends and loved ones! It has (unfortunately) slipped my mind how one of my children turned five this week! FIVE! Oh my gosh, how time flies! (I’m so sorry Yihwan, it’s not you, it’s me.)

Anyway, here’s a quick weekend giveaway for everyone! Play It By Ear (Backstage Pass #2) is now FREE to download on Gumroad until Sunday, May 19!

Play It By Ear is the story of Jo Yihwan, a KPop rock band leader who reluctantly signs onto a talent-slash-reality TV show and meets a determined idol trainee who thinks this is her final chance at debuting. The book tackles the many struggles of idols and idol trainees in the KPop world, how they overcome these challenges, and sometimes, find love in little hidden corners.

Awesome, I’d LOVE a copy!

Already got/read the book? Thank you! <3 Could you spread the love and share this post to a friend or loved one who might enjoy Yihwan and Yoojung’s story? I’d really appreciate it. And if this is your first time picking up the book, I hope you enjoy reading!

Have a great weekend, everyone~!

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Free on Wattpad: Scandalized

Tags: kpop scandal, me vs. the fangirls, tour shenanigans, found family
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[ GIVEAWAY ] Play It By Ear Comeback Tour

Hey, everyone! The Play It By Ear Comeback Tour starts tomorrow (Monday, May 6), so here’s a giveaway to make thing more fun! ^_^ I am giving away a swag bag which includes a print copy of Play It By Ear plus some surprise goodies (open to PH residents only), as well as a $10 Amazon GC (open to PH and INTL participants)!

Check out the giveaway below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open to EVERYONE, blog tour participant or not. Here’s a quick guide:

  • REVIEWS – Reviews are worth 5 entries. If you have written a review on your blog, or Amazon and/or Goodreads, provide the link to your review/s.
  • BOOKSTAGRAM – Bookstagrams are worth 3 entries. If you posted a bookstagram featuring Play It By Ear, provide the link of your post here.
  • LIVE TWEETS – Live tweets are worth 3 entries. If you created a live tweet thread for Play It By Ear, provide the link of the first tweet in that thread.
  • EXCERPT POST – Excerpt posts are worth two entries. If you posted a Play It By Ear excerpt, provide the link of the blog post.
  • TWEET ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY – There are two tweet templates in this giveaway, each of them worth 1 point:

    I’m stoked to read @tarafrejas’ #PlayItByEar, only $0.99 on Amazon! One-click it NOW! #romanceclass


    .@tarafrejas’ #PlayItByEar is my next #romanceclass read! Get your KPop romance fix here:

  • VISIT MY FB AUTHOR PAGE – Click the link on the widget to visit my author page on Facebook

Please note that none of these entries are mandatory, but tweeting about the giveaway is limited to just once per day. (That’s two tweets = two points per day!) The giveaway opens Monday, May 6 and closes Friday, June 7. Announcement of winners is on Monday, June 10. Hope you all join, and good luck!

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Stay With Me: A Backstage Pass B-Side

Starting this post with a tweet–

–in which #2 means a spin-off novelette for Backstage Pass’ Gabriel and Fi! <3 Yeap, sometime during the editing process, my editor (Ninang Layla) told me she wanted to see Gabe and Fi in a book of their own. And because I’m an obedient godchild, Stay With Me was born.

Take a look at the lovely cover below.

Illustration by Shai San Jose. Layout/design by Tara Frejas.

Stay With Me
(A Backstage Pass B-Side)

“Come live with me for a while.”

Moving to Seoul for a job at an entertainment company has made a self-reliant woman out of Filipina. But when she gets injured in an accident and her boyfriend, Gabriel, proposes she move in with him until she’s back in shape, Fi reluctantly gives up her independence in favor of some TLC.

What happens when being under one roof ignites the desire she has been firmly keeping underneath the surface? Will she up and leave, or decide to stay?

This is a Backstage Pass B-Side.

Stay With Me is a short story that happens simultaneously with Play It By Ear. Official release date is May 31, 2019.

Stay tuned for more announcements!

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Yep, I did play it by ear this time.

So let me start this blog post with a tweet down memory lane:

You read that right, folks. It’s been (almost!!!) a year since I started writing the second book in the Backstage Pass series, Play It By Ear, and I cannot be more relieved that I’m finally releasing the book soon. We’ve had a couple of false starts, starting with a very early cover reveal (haha, that was just me being a) impatient, and b) unable to keep Shai San Jose‘s awesome art to myself), but this is the real deal, my friends. I mean…there’s a release date and all, and I am prepping the final, final, FINAL version of the manuscript as of this writing.


And yeah, in case you missed it, here’s the official announcement…plus a couple more things you need to know:

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